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    Collateral Damage in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Back to back stories...

    US kill 9 Afghan police-

    US troops kill relatives of Iraqi governor in raid-

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    Civilians are called Collateral Damage too. Iraqi children with their arms and legs blown off are collateral damage yet an American solider who dies is a hero. Bit of a double standard isn't it. You should read Chomsky's new book "Failed States' where he recounts the attack on Fallujah and all of the 'Collateral Damage' aka civilians were killed. Or you don't even have to read Chomsky just look at any news sources besides the major cable ones which are run by huge corporations like GE who are in bed with gov't (like all big corporations) which means the gov't dictates what goes to air on the news and what doesn't and how it is going to be spun. The gov't employs hundreds of PR groups who are responsible for controlling what is aired and what isn't.
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