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    VA - Couple shot in beach home, wife critical Va Beach, VA 7/18/2008

    Jacob and Kendra Jackson were found in their home by the wife's brother. He went to check on them, as the wife hadn't been into work. He got inside, and found the couple shot.

    Their two children, ages 2, and 4 were there, but unharmed.

    Anyone heard anything else?


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    I had not heard about this one. The husband is now in serious conditon rather than critical. He should be able to tell the police what happened.

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    gosh, those poor kids! I wonder how long their parents were dead in the house with them???
    They were probably scared, sad and hungry

    I hope the father at least survives. Very sad about this

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    PFM, the news report says the mother is in critical condition and the report is that the man is improving. Has the mother died since then? If not, we can hope that both parents will survive this.
    Either way, I know those little children were terrified to be alone, to possibly have witnessed their parents being hurt.

    I hope there is more info forthcoming on this.


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    Sorry, I haven't read the link yet but I did hear this on our local news. I thought the police said they thought it was a domestic dispute. I also heard that the children were locked in another room and that the four year old opened the window for the uncle to get in.

    Sorry, I'll go back and read the link now.

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    Was it a domestic dispute? Thank goodness whoever shot who didn't make the decision the children needed to be shot. That happens in too many of these cases.
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