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How can you NOT know that your bone rail thin, petite daughter is 7 mos. pregnant? Once she is outed by an UNCLE at a WEDDING GA says, "She's like that because she started working out" and CA says, "She's bloated"......... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

How can you NOT know that your daughter does NOT have a job? But yet she has money to spend, spend, spend.

How can you NOT initmately know the "nanny" of your granddaughter that lives with you? Most reasonable people leave an in case of emergency contact with the school, the child care people, their family...

How can you NOT know that your daughter has MAJOR mental problems and leave your beloved granddaughter in her care? At every chance you are threatening to take the child from your daughter because you don't feel like she's a fit mother --- YET YOU FORCE HER TO TAKE CARE OF HER ---

I agree with the person that said the Anthony's should be studied.
Just in deep denial about anything and everything.