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    OH - John Maruschak, 25, bludgeoned to death, Cleveland, 16 July 2008

    The jist of the story is that a neighbor saw John Maruschak age 25, being beaten by a baseball bat and stuffed in a red pickup truck. The brave neighbor called 911 but was unable to get the license plate so the operator doesn't put in a police dispatch request.

    A young man and his brother have confessed to the murder and dumping John in two different places. Detectives are searching the area where the suspected killer says he dumped John and burned him for five hours.

    911 Call (caller indicates suspect is his neighbor and its a red truck, they don't do anything)

    Investigation Ordered for Inappropriate Handling of 911 Call

    Suspect Indicates to Police He Murdered and Burned Body


    Divers Search

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    this is horrble!! Simply horrific!!

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    This is OHIO, again.

    Remember Toledo when a women called 911 to report that her niece was kidnapped, forced into sexual slavery and they knew where she was being held and the cops said to her: We will send someone, but we are backed up right now.

    1.5 hours later, no cops, an injured Dad, who attempted to rescue his daughter, an ambulance, an TV crew, but no Police.

    Remind me never, ever to go to OHIO.

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    How can someone be so apathetic?? I thought people took jobs like being a 911 dispatcher or a police officer because they want to help people. As dispatcher you are some people's only hope - YOUR actions can result in someone being saved or being killed. I just don't understand how you could take a call like that and just not bother to dispatch the police. I hope this person is fired immediately. They should be arrested.
    'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'

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    Wow! How can this happen?

    Good grief!

    Seriously, I don't know what else to say.


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    Are the two men trying to say the deceased man broke into their home and they beat him with a baseball bat? If that's the case why didn't they call the police? I would think they had a right to defend their property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardenmom View Post
    Are the two men trying to say the deceased man broke into their home and they beat him with a baseball bat? If that's the case why didn't they call the police? I would think they had a right to defend their property.
    No, I haven't seen that he was breaking in anywhere and I just finished watching a news story about it. It could be true but I haven't seen it anywhere.

    It appeared that they were beating him outside with a baseball bat and threw him in a red truck and a different neighbor called the police but the dispatcher never dispatched them.

    ETA: Ok, I just saw the link about the break in. Smells fishy to me. Who is stupid enough to break into their neighbors house while they are home? Also, the beating and abduction occured outside, apparently. Still, the dispatcher did nothing.

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    i hope the dispatcher is fired ... and sued and/or fined

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    Please help the Maruschak family

    On July 16th 2008 a 9-1-1 call was placed by a neighbor of John Maruschak. That call stated:

    Caller: And the neighbor... They hit him with a ball bat.. They threw him in a truck and just left..."

    Dispatch: They're not there anymore?

    Caller: No

    Dispatcher: Did you get a license plate number?

    Caller: It's my neighbor it's a red truck, my neighbor."

    Dispatch: Ok... But they're not there. We can't go somewhere where we don't know where they are.

    Dispatch: If they come back, give us a call.

    Caller: Alright.

    That night a life could have possibly been saved.

    The people you are suppossed to call when you need help, are not there.

    STAND UP for the family of JOHN MARUSCHAK and other families that this has happened to/or will happen to.

    PLEASE! Who knows how many lives may be saved or could have been saved.

    Call, Write, or e-mail the Cleveland City Council and stop this from happening to someone else's Child, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, or friend.

    A life has been cut short and now a family has to go on without their son, brother, and father.

    Below is the web address for the Cleveland City Council, please contact them and let them know that you will not stand for the unacceptable behavior and actions of not only Dispatcher Donna Yousef, but the other's who have done the same.

    I can't say for sure what would have happened if the dispatcher had sent police to the area... but I think everyone could agree that the way she handeled the call was just not acceptable.


    Please help! You don't have to live in cleveland or ohio to write an e-mail or letter... please take a couple minutes to do so. I know the Maruschak family will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You!

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    Who are these 911 operators? Do they have to demonstrate any intelligence or qualifications whatsover?????????? or do they just hire any idiot off the street who applies?

    What kind of complete fool is told that a person was abducted but says..oh, they're gone, okay well, call back if they come back?????? we wouldn't know where to look for them.

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    I can't speak for the ones in Cleveland. I live in Omaha and a few years back had a horrific road rage incident on my commute home, the guy tried to sideswipe me and had me blocked off and was advancing on me with a blunt object, this in the midddle of a major street. Several people were getting on their cell phones he apparently changed his mind and drove hurridly off. I got home, still shaken and called 911. They wouldnt even give me the time of day. I had the guys license #, they weren't interested, told me to forget about it, if they filed a report 'he'll probably just know where you live and come after you.'
    This happend to have been right after a police officer was killed on duty here- there was nothing else in the nes media for days, that's as it ought to be but it just made me mad and I told the operator 'You know, everytime one of your guys gets shot all we hear is about the wonderful job you do protecting us. Right now I sure am not seeing it'. They transferred me to a bored sounding officer who took the info. I had to call back twice and finally was told that the license number didnt match anything. I think they were lying.
    I have always supported the police and still do, this left me a bit shaken in some of my feelings. And also a little cynical.

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    From June 2009:


    Two Cleveland brothers pleaded guilty Monday to beating a neighbor to death with an aluminum baseball bat, after which one of the brothers burned the body in an Ashtabula County fire pit and stuffed the remains in garbage bags...

    "The victim owed them some money," McDonough said. "They believed the victim may have been involved in a break-in on their property, but they could never establish that." Maruschak owed $50, the prosecutor said...

    Alex Wulff pleaded guilty to murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse... Aaron Wulff pleaded guilty to attempted murder...

    lex Wulff was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for killing John Maruschak July 16. His brother Aaron was sentenced to 8 years for attempted murder.

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