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    FL - Child molester released AFTER conviction, before serving a day in jail


    this guy is truly evil. evil evil evil.

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    FYI - The above link goes to a story about the missing Caylee Anthony.

    I assume this is supposed to be the CNN story about the Florida middle school teacher who abused a student for two years???

    I am SICK that this man has yet to serve one DAY in jail for what he did to that boy. And I am even more SICK that he is free to roam among other children.
    There is always HOPE!!!

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    Here is the link, I believe. What a smug bastard!
    There will never be justice for rape victims until the courts and law makers stop acting like "frat boys" when it comes to sexual abuse and treat it like the serious crime it is.

    Our lawmakers and these judges (and DA's) are just as liable for these continued rapes as the rapists themselves. IMO.

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    I would totally go "Ellie Nessler" if that had been my child.

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    I'm sorry, but this judge needs a good hard upside the head!

    What an !!!

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    This creep lives only 7 miles from this little boy? Imagine how many times and in how many places they can cross paths.

    Plus he hasn't been ordered to stay away from children? As if they listen anyway these nasty freaks.

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    JUST HAPPENED IN AREA NEAR WHERE I LIVE, a man was arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept., in Miss., which is not many miles from where I live, and the reason for the arrest was that he had just committed sexual battery on THREE children under the age of 8. YOU GUESSED IT IF YOU WONDERED IF HE WAS ON PROBATION FOR A SIMILAR CRIME. Yes. He was on state probation for sexual batter of a young child prior to this crime that just happened. So the Justice of the Peace Judge he goes before, sets this man's bond at a mere $50,000. Law enforcement and the parole officer said no he can't post bond, and they took the man into state custody for parole violation. Thank God for Sheriff Dept and Parole Officer! No, this isn't the man who tried to get other chidren into his car in next door Lee County. That man was in his 50's, they thought. This man arrested this week is in his late 20's. I think. Different men, anyway.

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    August 2008:

    A former Florida teacher, who for a year avoided serving a 43-year sentence for sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy, was handcuffed and ordered back into state custody Friday.

    Aaron Mohanlal lowered his head as Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold reversed a decision he made last summer granting the convicted sex offender a $610,000 bond while his conviction was appealed.

    The bond was supposed to be secured with properties owned by Mohanlal's relatives. But evidence presented by prosecutors Friday showed there were no liens placed on the properties and they were not worth a fraction of the amount suggested by defense attorneys.

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    He's still appealing, so it's just as well!

    A disturbing snippet from a may 2015 court opinion:

    Mohanlal, a teacher, was charged with thirteen counts arising from a sexual relationship he allegedly had with one of his students. Following a lengthy jury trial, Mohanlal was found guilty as charged. The sole evidence supporting most of the offenses consisted of the victim’s uncorroborated testimony.

    The authorities became involved only after the victim found a flyer accusing him of molesting pets. Several of his friends and other students testified to procuring the photo for Mohanlal, watching Mohanlal create the flyer, and helping him distribute copies of it. The state argued Mohanlal prepared the flyers in order to get back at the victim for refusing to continue their sexual relationship.

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