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    University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center warns

    Of cell phone use; says it takes too long to get results from science these days

    (I don't know but I think this is a pretty authoritative place - does anyone else know?)

    I'm glad that I talk on the cell phone as little as possible; call me old fashioned; yep, I am and proud of it

    Danish study says it's OK, so I think I would be cautious, but OK with minimum to moderate use.

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    I bought one of those chip thingys you put on your phone that supposedly omits or blocks the electromagnetic radiation. I don't know if it (EMR from the cell phone) will hurt me or not, so why not limit my use and try to protect myself....ya know? My brain is soo close to the phone.

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    I don't talk too much on the phone either but would like to know about the chip you are talking about lululove.

    Anyone know if the use of a cell phone could cause seizures for people with epilepsy?

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    Any idea if the Bluetooth headset (hands free earpiece) causes any problems??

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