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    DC - Marisol Caceras, 12, stabbed to death, 30 July 2008 - father arrested

    Family members and the community are searching for answers after the brutal murder of 12-year-old Marisol Caceras.

    Family members found the girl's lifeless body in the living room of their Northeast apartment Tuesday afternoon. Police sources say she was found patrially clothed and had been sexually assaulted, with a plastic bag placed over her head. D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Alan Etter said she appeared to have been stabbed.

    "This is ridiculous, outrageous," said Maria Rogers, Marisol's cousin. "Who would do this to a baby? She was 12; she was a baby."
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    Sounds like the perp may very well be one of one of Marisol's brother's friends. Whoever murdered this dear child, I pray they are caught and suffer great consequences!

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