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    I've been looking for permission to post the articles I have. I accessed them through the Phoenix Public library's online database that they pay for in order for people with current, valid library cards to access. It's all public information, as long as you have a Phoenix Public library card.

    Here are the articles I have in hard copy and text file format that I used the database for:
    "17-Year-Old's Story is Hazy in Middle" - January 30, 1999

    "Police Nab Suspect in Pimping of 13-Year-Old" - March 2, 1999
    .. Not MJD, but still about Lipsey.

    "County Taps Web to Identify Bodies - Officials Hoping to Find Relatives of Nearly 200 Unknowns" - June 6, 2005
    .. Article is mainly about the launch of the MedEx database, but had MJD's story among others in a side panel.

    This one I believe is still publicly accessible through the actual site since it's recent:
    "Suzi Dodt's on a Mission to Return the Nameless Dead to Their Loved Ones" - July 17, 2008

    I posted highlights of both the Jan and March 1999 articles in the main thread somewhere within the last few pages.

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    Bumping just to get above the locked threads.

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    Any photos of KTL or WW aka AF in the articles???
    email me

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    Are your local papers covering anything regarding Tawni?

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    Sorry I've been lacking on the posting; I've been busy with moving back into my apartment this weekend.

    Believe: The articles I have contained no photos. =/

    Marysawol: I'll have more time to check tomorrow while the bf's at work and the kiddos at school. I don't read/watch the news generally (meaning I don't get the paper delivered or anything) so I'll check stories online and such.

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