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    'Toothing' for Hi-Tech Sex with Strangers

    LONDON (Reuters) - British commuters take note -- the respectable person sitting next to you on the train fumbling with their cell phone might be a "toother" looking for sex with a stranger.

    "Toothing" is a new craze where strangers on trains, buses, in bars and even supermarkets hook up for illicit meetings using messages sent via the latest in phone technology.

    "Toothing is a form of anonymous sex with strangers -- usually on some form of transport or enclosed area such as a conference or training seminar," says the "Beginner's Guide To Toothing" on a Web site dedicated to the pursuit.

    It is made possible by Bluetooth technology which allows users to send phone contacts, pictures and messages to other Bluetooth-enabled equipment over a range of about 10 meters (yards).

    Users discovered they could send anonymous messages to people they didn't know with Bluetooth equipment, spawning a craze dubbed "bluejacking."

    Jon, aka "Toothy Toothing" and the guide's author, explained toothing was born after he was "bluejacked" by an unknown girl while commuting to work in London. After a few days of flirting, she suggested a brief encounter in a station lavatory


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    OMG what next?
    What fun they must be having..........


    Thank's Cass.......now that's my new word for the day. No one will ever believe I know what it means! LOL, course don't think I'll ever meet a toother either...........not that there aren't 'dirty old men".........


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    Well now, this explains Scott Peterson's tooth sucking. Now that he has no access to cell phones, he's "toothing" symbolically. Any takers?

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