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    NC - Sheila 'Joan' Noblitt, 44, Old Fort, 8 Jan 2002

    I did not see a thread here about her, but it looks like they found Ms. Norbitt's remains. They speculate she died from exposure but are still collecting evidence:


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    It is with great sadness we inform you that Sheila Joan Noblitt was recovered over the weekend; her family is in preparation for her service and has informed CUE Center their planned rally stop will still take place and now become a celebration of hope and her life. Please remember her loved ones in this horrific time, thank you
    Sister's hope was 'as big as a mountain'

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    Shirley Noblitt has said that she always knew her oldest daughter was nearby.

    She and her husband, Bud, and their three surviving adult children, Kay Kee, Tim Noblitt and Sabrina Simmons, so hoped that they would see Joan once again.

    Little did they know she was with them each and every day.

    “We have been so worried about her, but she’s been in Heaven all this time,” Kee stated in an interview Saturday, shortly after authorities informed the family that remains found six-tenths of a mile from their home are most likely those of their daughter and older sister.

    Joan, who had been diagnosed with a mental condition, walked away from the Noblitt residence on Mack Noblitt Road in Old Fort in January 2002.

    Over the past 6 1/2 years, the Noblitt family has carried on. Lives have been lost and others born. Birthday candles have been blown out. Christmas presents have been opened. Tears have been wiped. Smiles have turned to laughter.

    But the one thing that has remained constant is their hope that they would one day wake up from what has been a horrendous nightmare.

    “I’m in shock because I’ve been fighting so hard to find her,” Kee stated. “My hope was as big as a mountain, and that mountain has crumbled. Now I’m turning my focus to celebrating Joan’s life.”

    Most of the family has “put off their grief for seven years,” she added, not wanting to admit that Joan might never come home.

    “It has taken a toll on us, but we never gave up hope,” said Kee. “We’ve imagined every scenario. We never thought we would find her in Old Fort, especially at our back door.”

    She added that it gives her and her family comfort to know that Joan was close by and didn’t suffer.

    “Joan was home when she left, and she was home when she died,” Kee stated.

    She asked that the people of the community and the county continue to pray for the family and thanked God for helping someone find her sister.

    Kee also expressed gratitude to Sheriff Dudley Greene, Capt. Vic Hollifield and the many law enforcement and emergency workers who have been involved with the case over the years and spent a good portion of their weekend looking for Joan’s remains. She said they all did a “professional job.”

    Now, she stated, maybe her family can put Joan and this case to rest.

    “Hopefully, we can find closure now,” Kee said, “but, no matter what, she will always be my big sister, and I will always miss her.”

    Monica Caison
    CUE Center for Missing Persons
    PO Box 12714 Wilmington, NC 28405
    (910) 343-1131 or (910) 232-1687

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