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    Reverse Speech youtube: Casey & Lee

    I am not sure I believe in this ''science'' of reverse speech, but nevertheless I thought a lot of you might find it interesting. I know I have.

    Especially the ''boys did this'' which I explain as all was done for a boy, a man. The desire for a clean cut chance of a life with her new boyfriend.


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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    Reverse speech

    You are all free to believe as you will. A few of us have dealt with reverse speech proponents on various high profile threads. There has never been any objective data that supports this theory. It is not a recognized tool of law enforcement, although there are those that claim it is...sort of along the lines of the well known psychics that claim they have worked successfully with LE.

    There is another thread on this forum that covers the same topic...
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    There are already threads on this...please read the titles of threads in this forum before starting a new one. TIA.

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