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    GA - Woman Sentenced For Whipping 4 Yr Old With A Phone Cord

    What a cruel person. I'm so glad her sister did something about it.

    COLUMBUS, Ga. -- A west Georgia woman who whipped her mother's adopted 4-year-old daughter with a telephone cord has been sentenced to three years in prison for cruelty to children.

    Muscogee County Senior Judge Bill Smith also sentenced 25-year-old Latwyla M. Harris to seven years probation for the March 2007 incident.

    Police said Harris dropped the child off at the home of her sister, who called police when she noticed the marks on the girl's body.
    more: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/17098169/detail.html

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    I'm glad she went to jail. If she couldn't handle raising children, she should never have agreed to try to raise this one. Anyone who does not understand that leaving marks on a child's body means you have hurt them, is not playing with a full deck.


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    Wow, if every person who whipped their kids with a telephone cord or extension cord got time the prisons would be full.

    Growing up I knew people that got the extension cord. One of the girls had a bunch of siblings and if one of them did something they all got the cord. Scare tactics to keep kids in line I guess because your siblings would get you because you got them in trouble.

    That's a heafty punishment the cord. I'd take the hairbrush or the ocassional thrown shoe by mom any old day.

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    Growing up I was whipped with a leather belt... my mother would be in jail if that happened today. She locked us out of the house, yanked us around by the hair, hit us with wire hangers. In front of other people too and no one did anything.

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    I've got the belt a few times but thats about it .... But I remember in school a few kid's that got the phone cord among other things.

    This lady need stay in jail for a long time!!
    Joann thank you for showing me all the beautiful things in this world especially yourself!!!

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