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    Judge won't let molester return home

    Now why on earth would the mother of this child want this man back??!! It appears that the guy and mother still have a relationship, oh well, it's just too sick for me to comprehend.

    Judge won't let molester return home

    "The girl's mother had learned about the incident shortly after it happened and went to the pastor of the Gateway Church, which she attended along with Anteliz.

    The pastor provided counseling to the girl's mother and Anteliz, but he did not report the allegation of abuse to the Department of Social Services, something he is required to do.

    When questioned by police, Anteliz told the detectives "he did not know what came over him," prosecutor Jane Prince told the judge.

    He admitted that he had climbed into the girl's bed and molested her, the prosecutor said.

    Prince said that while she was reluctantly agreeing to probation, she felt strongly that Anteliz should be closely monitored by a probation officer and barred from any unsupervised contact with children under 16.

    O'Hare urged a shorter term of probation and asked the judge not to impose a ban on unsupervised contact with his own child, saying that he does not pose a risk. He also asked that Anteliz be allowed to return to the home where the incidents occurred.


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    Glad the judge is saying no. The mother learns of what happened, she doesn't go to police she goes to the pastor. The pastor doesn't go to police, he 'counsels' the mother and the man. It doesn't seem like anyone is thinking of the child- where is her treatment? Where is her justice? And what is there to believe it would happen any different if he did move back home? They will really need to keep an eye on this one, very likely he will sneak over there even if he isn't allowed to live there.

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    It looks like the woman is married to this man. She has other children, and probably one by this guy. They are beautiful kids. She has a Myspace, but I wouldn't post it because there's pictures of kids.

    God fearing people, and it looks like Walter has been around other kids as well as someone posted he's a good teacher.

    Is there some kind of oath a Pastor takes that he doesn't report a grown man hopping into bed with a child? He should be held accountable along with this mother. There's a million and one reasons I am sure why she stays with a guy who jumped into bed with her little girl, and that is downright sad. Poor kid. Poor, poor kid.

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    Seriously?? This is disgusting....someone should be worried about that child! Period! Not about 'counseling' that sick woman and that sex offender.

    When is enough, enough?

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Love it- a judge that get's it and wants to protect the child no matter what the parents want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by believe09 View Post
    Love it- a judge that get's it and wants to protect the child no matter what the parents want.
    Only wish this judge could set the mom straight and take the little girl away. We all know she is going to allow him around this child again.

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