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    Quote Originally Posted by gigi2009 View Post
    Of course Casey is sick. It's always about HER.
    YES, and probably very upset with her family because they have not been able to pull her out of this one. She is probably disgusted with her mother for calling 911 in the first place.

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    Is there a place we can have on the forum just for bady wish for caylee tomorrow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannahsnana View Post
    MitchLite, I understand what you are saying. As I said, my late husband's daughter was like this. Most people have no idea how charming they can be. If a stranger met her, they would never believe all the things she had done. She got arrested once for stealing her friend's ID and trying to cash a check (ala Casey/Amy). Of course, her explanation was that she needed the money to buy a new car tag. Her father had provided the car. She came to visit once for a "few days" that turned into three months. I didn't even want to go home at night after work. She pretty much kept to herself because she knew I had her number, but after she left, people would show up at the door trying to serve warrants, which I refused to take.

    It's a nightmare to be sure

    Hey, what does everyone think of Cindy saying that her daughter had told TWO PEOPLE about the kidnapping........and the search warrant layed out the calls in which one business was called and TWO PEOPLE.......if one wants to go with this theory........could this have been the beginning of the two people who she told stuff to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babycat View Post
    Agreed. I think some people are really hard on the family, and it's sad to see that some people feel "validated" to finally see him losing it. We can all say "I would be doing this" and "I KNOW what I would do/how I would act if my grandchild were missing" but you don't really know unless you've been there, and even if you HAVE been there, your situation is probably not exactly the same.

    Not to mention we all are different, chemically, physically, emotionally. People cry at different times. We also tend to have set roles in out family- Maybe George has been holding it together all of this time because he is used to being "the rock" because Cindy has been so emotional.

    I'm not happy at all to see him grieving. I can't imagine dealing with something so private, so personal, and feeling like a goldfish, with everyone watching/analyzing you every move, or reporters in your face at every second. They didn't ask to be in this situation.

    It turns my stomach to see him so upset They're doing the best they know how. There is no script, no instructions, for a situation like this. And they are likely very embarrassed for putting so much stock, publicly, in Casey's words.
    I agree. I saw that video and my stomach was tied up in knots for him. I don't like what the family had been doing at all but I still hate to see him so upset.
    I don't believe they have knowingly "covered" anything up. I think they did what they thought needed to be done. For all of the things people have thought here, hindsight truly is 20/20. The last thing they would have thought when they smelled the car was that their own daughter would have murdered their grandaughter. The first thing on their minds was probably to get rid of that stench in the car. Cindy pulled the pants out of the car, they smelled like the car, so she washed them and was probably sick of cleaning up another one of Casey's messes.
    They want to believe their daughter is telling them the truth ... that Caylee is okay. Their world is crashing down around them now because they are starting to realize the possiblity that Casey did, in fact, harm their grand child whom they deeply love.
    George snapped this morning ... it's about time. I hope that both he and Cindy can come to grips with the cold, hard reality that Casey has done something so horrific that neither one of them will ever be able to clean up the mess she has made.
    I feel horribly for this family ... for all except Casey. She is the cause of this ... not her parents or her brother. They too, are victims of Casey's evil deeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickAttack View Post
    That's why I think she killed Caylee to spite her mother.

    Remember her saying to Christine, about her parents: "They only care about Caylee. They don't care about me...they only want to find Caylee."

    She was jealous of the attention Caylee got. Sick.
    I agree with this... and going back to Cindy's Myspace message left early in July... it speaks volumes about what was going on.
    RIP Baby Caylee...You will be remembered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summermood32 View Post
    Is there a place we can have on the forum just for bady wish for caylee tomorrow!

    You can start today. There ya go.
    Bitter are the tears of a child: Sweeten them.
    Deep are the thoughts of a child: Quiet them.
    Sharp is the grief of a child: Take it from him.
    Soft is the heart of a child: Do not harden it.
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this~ didn't George drive the car home from the impound lot? If he did then there is no way he could've missed that "dead body" smell.
    If Cindy had believed that Casey the kidnapper story she wouldn't have removed anything from that car, much less washed a pair of pants that was in the car.
    I believe they knew from the get go something was very wrong with Casey's story as per the affidavit where George tells the detective of his concerns.
    Casey refused to see Lee today because tomorrow is Caylee's birthday and no Caylee. So now what's she going to tell her brother?
    I think the family knew about the "lack" of phone calls from the babysitter before the info was released yesterday.
    Yea, I think George is upset because seeing it all down on paper in black and white(warrant) it is all comes together and no more excuses can be made.
    BTW, when are we gonna hear about the DNA?
    ~ Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~

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    Gosh I need someone to chear me up after that GP thing! I wish I was there I wish there was something I could do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsJoni View Post
    Women are described as self-centered, self-indulgent, and intensely dependent on others. They are emotionally labile and cling to others in the context of immature relationships...
    All of these (ASPD, NPD, BLPD) share so many characteristics in common and their criteria overlap. I see where you are coming from. When I think of Histrionic I think of the exaggerated emotions and I haven't seen that from Casey at all. The situations/interactions we have seen her in are very limited though.

    IMO she is most definately NOT a split personality (Dissociative Identity Disorder). She is completely aware of the situation and her behavior, she just "sees" it differently than everyone else. JMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchLite View Post
    someone posted a very good example of how this could have happened. Basically it was that Casey went to the apartment complex- remember she was moving out and was suppose to be moving in with Amy. Possible she went there and saw the guest sign in sheet with the name of Zeniada Gonzales on it. It makes sense to me.
    But, how did she know this 2 years ago when she made up "Zanny" the invisible nanny? And now she finds this girl with the name Zenaida, could easily be nicknamed Zanny. That is what is odd.

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    Based on George's upbeat interview after his visit with Casey last week, I think he was counting on Casey returning Caylee to them for her birthday. The visit refusal took that away and yanked the rug out from under George.


    Detectives said what Casey has been telling them all along about her missing daughter simply doesn't add up. Caylee's grandmother Cindy stayed behind Friday morning to explain why George is falling apart.

    "He's been angry every day, you just haven't seen it. Ok? You hear something that finally comes to a head, stuff that festers. Anger has been there since day one," she said. "Angry at the situation. Angry that Caylee is not home. Angry at a lot of things. We're helpless."

    Little Caylee turns three Saturday, August 9. Cindy said the family bought a closet full of presents for her. Perhaps they are beginning to realize the child might not be there for that celebration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maur33 View Post
    She is emotionally abusive, I know a few folks here believe that casey is afraid of her parent's especially her mother but I believe it is the other way around.
    Yeah, I think so too. Like in those first released phone calls Casey made to home -- doesn't the mom say "Casey, sweetheart" when Cindy was trying to calm her down. That was her moment to step up and demand that Casey tell the truth -- and Cindy totally blew it. And it's only gotten worse since then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MayMay View Post
    I am Hispanic and dont think her hair was blonde. I looked at the video again to see where it might seem blonde and say her hair as more orange/redish. I have gone through a million colors myself.
    You may be right it does look more orange (like my hair turns when I try to bleach it, Im italian), the point is I think they only remembered her (and I hate to say it) because she was "very hispanic" and zenaidas pic looked very hispanic.
    Cindi Lou

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    Quote Originally Posted by beetrue View Post
    I agree. I think he is trying to get the point across as "this is my family, not yours" and he doesn't want to be personal with strangers about his granddaughter. when most people talk about their family to strangers they often tend to say "my husband... my wife... my daughter... my son... my cousin..."
    That's it, exactly. IMO.

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    another good idea! I think they should make statements to her through the media. However, the media hasn't done anything but add to the nightmare they are living. And they have seen how defencive she gets when confronted. walking on eggshells...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleuthster View Post
    They have TV in jail. Make the press work for them. George should make a statement to her through the news.

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