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    Casey's myspace is now set to private.


    As of yesterday, it's private. Wonder why.

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    Me too.
    Where is Jennifer Kesse? www.findjenniferkesse.com

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    I can think of a couple possibilities. It may be too much for Lee to keep up with. And, she might have been receiving some (or a lot of) offensive messages.

    Last time I checked, the family was still looking for a couple of personal assistants to volunteer.

    I noticed that many of her friends' myspace's went to private since they were posted, also. JP's was still public as late as early Saturday morning. By evening time, it was set to private. He probably got wind that a lot of people suspect he's the daddy, and doesn't want to get harrassed.

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    I can see the MySpace page as I asked to be a friend last month. There are many, many Happy Birthday Graphics for Caylee.

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    I think it went private b/c you could go back and read comments. I read a lot of them last week from like 2006 where her friends were congratulating her on her upcoming wedding etc. Then I read all the way up until now. When I went back to read later I noticed comments from May, June and July up until she was put in jail were GONE. It went from like April until like July 18th with no comments in between. IMO that is why the site went private. Plus maybe her "friends" were tired of people contacting them etc.

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    If you read the myspace page it says that they went private due to time constraints and messaging abuse. I am sure they were getting some nasty messages that they had to spend time deleting and filtering out.

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