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    WV - Carmen Gloria Sanchez Gutierrez, 36, Morgantown, 4 Aug 2008

    Has anyone else been following this story? I'm so positive she was murdered... I live in Morgantown and it's not the first time we've had someone turn up dead in a body of water.


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    "Hugo Paz Araya told the Chilean newspaper that he had received six e-mails from Gutierrez the day she disappeared. He spoke to her around 4 p.m. and she seemed despondent; the couple arranged for a 7 p.m. phone call, but he never heard from her, according to the interview with the paper. Police and university officials say that at about the same time, Gutierrez left a table of friends at a restaurant and said she was going to find a pay phone to call home."

    (from above link & article)
    I wonder if LE really grilled the friends she was with at the restaurant. If she was despondent when she called her husband at 4pm; you would think her friends would have noticed something wrong when they were out to eat. I agree, IMO it does sound like foul play. Perhaps someone was stalking her and/or threatening her. She had arranged her date to return to her country earlier. Someone didn't want her leaving for some reason.
    I'm sure more of this story will come out. She had emailed her partner 6 times and he said she was despondent.

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    Any more news on this Mountainmama?

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