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    MA - Melanie Melanson, 14, Woburn, 27 Oct 1989

    Anyone out there have details on this crime? A young girl disapperas into the woods with six young men and is never seen again? And the police theorize that she "ran away to Florida". Uh, yeah, 'cause that's what all teenage girls do after they walk off into the woods to party. And the police are that stupid? I can find very little on this case. Anyone out there remember it or have details on the six young men?
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    I googled Melanie and her family has set up a myspace. Much more info there...I pasted the link below- I hope it works...

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    Melanie Melanson, Missing Since 10/27/89, Very Strange Circumstances

    I wanted to start a discussion thread for Melanie after I saw her case in the "Missing Children" forum (no discussion allowed). If you haven't read about this case, you should. I would love to have the experienced people of WS take a fresh look at this case. It seems that there were a number of "witnesses" the night that Melanie went missing but guess what? No one is talking and they haven't talked in 19 years.

    Anyway, there is not much info on the Charley Project's site and the info about "walking into the woods with six boys" is inaccurate.

    Her family started a MySpace for Melanie and they have some good information posted there. I will include the link at the bottom and I'll try to summarize here.

    The date was October 27, 1989 and Melanie, who was almost 15, was staying at her best friendís house and her friend could not go to a party that Melanie really wanted to attend. The party was held in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the woods behind a company called "Courier Dispatch" off of Montvale Avenue near the Stoneham/Woburn line. Melanie did make it to the party and the last known people to see her were Gene Bertini and Jimmy Treska.

    Gene Bertini and Jimmy Treska were both questioned separately the morning after Melanie's disappearance. Jimmy stated that Gene was the last person to see Melanie. Gene stated that Jimmy was the last person to see Melanie. So, both are inconsistent from the beginning.

    Gene's girlfriend at the time, Melissa 'Missy' Wojdakowski refused to even speak with investigators. As did Jimmy Treska's girlfriend, Jennifer Clement. Jennifer was at Jimmy's house the morning after Melanie disappeared.

    Just about every person that attended the party that night was interviewed after Melanie was reported missing the very next morning. Once everyone gave their statements, and the process of elimination was over...Melanie, Gene Bertini and Jimmy Treska were the last 3 people to walk out of those woods that night. Jimmy states that he asked Melanie if she wanted a ride home, and she declined in order to hang out longer with Gene Bertini, who she had a crush on at the time (note: Gene was cheating on his girlfriend Missy with Melanie). Gene states that he and Melanie walked out towards the main street together (Montvale Ave area in Woburn) but he could not give her a ride because he did not have an extra motorcycle helmet for her to wear. He also states that he went one way on his motorcycle towards Woburn, and Melanie went the opposite... walking towards Stoneham on Montvale Ave... alone, at appx. 2:00am in the morning.

    Melanie's family said that this is inaccurate. There would be no reason for Melanie to walk in that direction as her friend's house was in the opposite direction (friend's house were she would be sleeping that night).

    Jimmy Treska either knows what happened or was involved in the aftermath. Jimmy was Gene's best friend at the time of Melanie's disappearance. Jimmy car mysteriously disappeared the same week as Melanie did. Coincidence? Jimmy claims it was stolen.

    Too many things in this case point in a very bad direction for young Melanie.

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    No link.....

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    No information

    Anyone know of any additional information on this case?

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    Here's the link to myspace


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    So, a car conviently disappears and a shovel, with fresh dirt on it, is found soon after the disappearance. That's fairly strong circumstantial evidence.

    I wonder what the search effort was like immediately after she disappeared? Considering the ties to law enforcement of one of the witnesses/suspects and given the apparent run-away rumors, I would wager it was anemic.

    Are any newspaper articles from the time of the disappearance available online? I did a google search but got no hits.

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    Not much help but here's Melanie's case on the Doe Network: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1405dfma.html

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    This case disturbs me for several reasons. First of all, it seems relatively obvious what happened with the disappeared car after the murder, etc, although I cannot accuse anyone and obviously neither can LE.

    Secondly, how can we get through to our daughters that some behaviors can lead to very bad results? For many years now I've watched girls and young woman doing things which are questionable either in pursuit of "love" or a possibly misguided need to find out who they are, to assert themselves.

    I believe if we give can give our daughters a sense of their own worth, without the need for masculine validation, we would be doing them a great favor. Our young women need to know how beautiful, wonderful, and VALUABLE they are - not ojects to be used, abused, and thrown away.

    I believe we, as women, need to instill more self-worth in our daughters and granddaughters, the way some primitive societies did. In those societies the young men were the ones proving they were worthy to have a wife, not the young women pursuing a boy friend.

    I'm not saying anything bad about this girl girl or the thousands of others who have gone missing. I realize mine may be an unpopular opinion, and easier said then done, but I hope it is food for thought.

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    interesting- her myspace says that her family knows she is not alive but just want to find her remains to give her a proper burial. I wonder if there is a search firm that could help. She might be buried in the woods and possibly not too far from the party. Although they obviously transported her somewhere in the car since they felt the need to get rid of it.

    The sad thing here is that 2 people obviously know what happened. I would like to see them hounded until they breakdown. Keep her picture in their face. Keep sending them photos. Make sure whoever they are with - new friends, relationships - know about this.

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    Wow, this case really needs to be solved, especially after I read the myspace comment where someone said the main suspect in the case killed her friends cat while she was watching. Not a good sign. In fact, if he did that to a cat, then to Melanie, it's quite possible that he would do it again, if he hasn't already. That's just scary. If I was his wife or girlfriend, I'd definitely want to know.

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    Melanie Melanson

    Left: Melanson, circa 1989;
    Right: Age-progression to age 29 (circa 2003)

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    Missing Since: October 27, 1989 from Woburn, Massachusetts
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date of Birth: November 1, 1974
    Age: 14 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'3, 105 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. When she was last seen, Melanson had braces on her teeth.

    Details of Disappearance

    Melanson was last seen on the evening of October 27, 1989, at a party in Woburn, Massachusetts. She walked into the woods with six boys. The boys returned but she did not. Melanson did not take any personal belongings with her when she vanished. Police originally thought she had run away to Florida, but they are now investigating other theories with regards to her disappearance.
    In August 1992, an anonymous telephone caller told police to look for Melanson's body in an area pond. Investigators did search the pond, but found no evidence connected to her case. Melanson was in her freshman year at high school when she disappeared. Police believe she was the victim of foul play and is still in the general area. Her case remains unsolved.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Woburn Police Department

    Source Information
    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    Missing Person Kristi O'Pry
    The Doe Network

    Updated 3 times since October 12, 2004.

    Last updated April 5, 2005.

    Charley Project Home

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    Reward posted in 1989 disappearance of Woburn girl

    A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the recovery of the body of a Woburn teen who disappeared nearly 20 years ago.
    Prosecutors, police and members of Melanie Melanson’s family will announce the reward Wednesday at the site where the girl was last seen alive.
    Melanson was five days short of her 15th birthday when she disappeared on Oct. 27, 1989, following a party in the woods with a group of friends.

    Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office say they continue to conduct an active investigation in the case.


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    There is an organization necrosearch.org that specializes in old cases and finding possible never found burial sites.
    Necro Search International.
    Law enforcement has to invite them to help.

    God has a plan to help bring justice to the world -- and his plan is us.
    Gary Haugen
    Source: Founder, International

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
    There is an organization necrosearch.org that specializes in old cases and finding possible never found burial sites.
    Necro Search International.
    Law enforcement has to invite them to help.


    Thanks dreamweaver. Wow - I've never heard of this organization.

    I'm very troubled about this case. LE obviously dropped the ball here and the killer or killers have gone free all this time. Poor little thing. These people need to answer for whatever they did to her that night. My guess is she's somewhere near where that party was....

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