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    What dreams have you had about Caylee?

    I am not implying in any kind of way that this dream is "telling," it was just a dream.

    I thought it would be interesting to see what we have all dreamed about little Caylee. Please share your dreams.


    I dreamed that my dd and I went with her bff, her mom, and sister to a mall that was very close to the Anthony house. I do not even know if there is one near their house.

    In my dream there was a mall, a shopping strip, a pond with a pull off area to park by the pond (this was below ground level), a Publix, and an apartment community in front of their neighborhood. Once you drove past the pond on the right there was a Marathon gas station on the left.

    Across this pond you could almost see the Anthony home, but not actually see it. You could also see the mall from the pond.

    There was a tour bus sitting in the area between the Anthony home and the mall. It was for a popular country band, or so it said on the side of the bus. There was a little girl sitting on the bus with the driver, who I assumed was her father.

    The little girl had such sad eyes, I could see her from the window. Her hair was in a blonde bob.

    The girls that were with me were freaking out over the tour bus since it was a band they knew. The driver in a series of events invited them to come aboard and take a look. Being it was my child and an unknown man I followed my daughter on the bus.

    When I did this the man freaked out. He kicked us all off and we went our way.

    We later saw this man in the mall, without his little girl, buying shorts for a little boy.

    The look that he gave me in the mall when we made eye contact made me wake up crying. I have never done that before. He was so creepy!!!

    When I woke up I realized that the girl sitting on the bus in my dream was Caylee with a short blond bob. So sad.

    I wonder if Casey dreams of her dd too?

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    About four days ago I had a dream about Caylee, although I would swear on my life I wasn't sleeping, just relaxed with my eyes closed. It was really weird, like I started up above this place and zoomed in, or flew in. I "zoomed" in through a doorway and then stopped and watched this short, heavy set woman with dark curly, shoulder length hair open a door to a room that looked like a library or video store.
    There were shelves from the floor to the ceiling and they were all stacked with items that could have been video cases. I didn't see them clearly enough to be able to determine if they were books or cases though.

    Caylee was standing near one of these shelves when the woman opened the door. Caylee's hair was very curly and blonde. I remember thinking the hairstyle reminded me of those white powder wigs they wore back in the olden days.
    The heavy set woman just stood in the open doorway staring at Caylee and Caylee just stared back. Every time the woman made a move towards her, Caylee moved backwards, so the woman was sort of "creeping" towards her very slowly. I tried to yell at the woman to take Caylee to a safe place so she could be returned to her family and it all went away and I opened my eyes.
    Then last night, I was dreaming that I was looking at Google map and I said "Show me" and it just zoomed in on a location without me touching it. And when I saw the location it went to, I said no, because they have already checked that location 100 times. But I can't remember the location.
    I have this poor child on my mind night and day. I hope with all my heart she is found soon.

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    I haven't dreamed about her but last night during one of the news breaks it was showing George Anthony out side with the T shirts and he was talking about thinking he saw her but it wasn't. He also said the person that took her may have cut her hair and had her posing as a boy now.

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    Websleuths, FL, USA

    This morning I had a dream

    Ok here goes,.. "I don't claim to be phychic" but I had this dream this morning after 5:00am est.

    I dreamed I was at an apartment complex pool area, I was trying to act sexy for a group of party (drunk) kids (about age 18 or young 20's) that had entered the area. I realized after meeting them there was nothing special about the young men I was trying to act sexy for. So I kept my focus on a little girl that was with me. There was an odd, I would say Disney like attraction going on in the apartment complex pool. Lot's of singing and dancing and a repeating song. I do not remember any of the words in the song at all. The attraction repeated itself, and on the second repeat performance I remember fearing that the baby girl that was with me was injured. I specifically thought her arm had fallen, or been pulled out of it's socket, specifically the left arm. There was an older couple with us sitting at a round table in the pool area, I cannot see their faces but I know they are older. I felt I knew these people well, and they knew the baby well. When I brought the child over to them to check her arm out we discovered it was not the little girls arm, but one of the drunken young mans arms that was out of it's socket. I see him lying on the round table, acting drunk and stupid, he had a white hat on turned backwards he was not wearing a shirt, he had on baggy white or off white shorts and the older man of the couple was trying to put his arm back in it socket. I was relieved it was not the baby's arm, and while holding her, she smiles at me and kisses me on my right cheek, I remember feeling like she was thanking me. I felt lot's of love for this little girl. I do not see what she looks like. When I woke I could still feel the kiss on my cheek?

    Thats the end of the dream.

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    i have only had one dream of Caylee. It was a week ago. I had a dream that I was in a dim lit room and Caylee was standing in the middle of the room crying. She was crying hard. Just little tears running down her face with no sound. She had on the same PJs that she has on in the one picture of her on the couch. MY daughter ALSO has the exact same PJs. It just so happens that my boyfriend put my daughter in those same PJs that night. I woke up crying and I just felt like I needed to be near my daughter so I went into her room and laid on the twin bed in her room. I tossed and turned and couldn't get back to sleep for hours. I just kept seeing Caylee's big eyes and tears running her face. She looked so unbelievably sad.
    I can't remember any other dreams, but I do know that I haven't had a good night sleep for almost 3 weeks. I toss and turn and I go to sleep thinking about Caylee and I wake up thinking about Caylee.

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    I had a dream 3 nights ago and the only thing I saw was brown hair bobbing in the water face down . The body was small and looked like my 3 year old only my 3 year old has ringlets/very curly hair and this hair was straight. It freaked me out and I woke myself up so I didn't see any more...ugh.

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    I've had 2 dreams. In the first one, Casey is planting flowers. I don't know where, just planting flowers.

    In the 2nd one - it was a "thinking" dream. Not images, but the thought that Caylee missing is the same as two other missing children. All from Florida. In my sleep, I knew who each child was, name, age, etc. Three children total, including Caylee. All "real" circumstances the same as Caylee's. In my dream, I had them all lined up and promised myself I would remember when I woke up. Well I remember 3 children, but I can not remember names, ages, etc.

    I have now been trying to figure out who the other two children are for about a week......... Trenton Duckett did not seem to be one of the children.


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    I dreamed Casey was on trial for Caylee's murder.

    During the trial, at Casey's defense table, little Caylee's tiny white coffin sat on the table near her....so Casey would be forced to look at it during the proceedings.

    I awoke crying...

    "Caylee's either coming home, or she's already gone home." (Richard Grund)

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    I had a dream of Caylee dead in a lake, only her mouth and teeth towards the surface of the water, close to the shore. The rest of her body was not visible. The weird part of the dream is that I remember seeing more of her bottom teeth than her top teeth. There was no sand around the lake, only green grass and plants.

    I hate this dream. I hate that I had it!

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    Please be patient with me I'm not computer oriented.

    I have a theory to tell. I think the child has "past" on to better worlds. I think she is buried in dark dirt, in a corner of a garden or lawn. I feel that the grave can be seen from a doorway. I feel there are hedges on two sides as in a corner. I think a middle aged woman is watching. I feel sadness...

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    i had a dream awhile ago .. i was in the dream with her and she didnt understand where anyone was . all i saw were trees .LOTS of trees and there were misquitos i remember them biting the heck out of me in the dream .it was weird.. she couldnt talk very well it was childs talk but i knew what she was saying.. i dont know if she was dead or not in the dream she kept asking me where she was and wheres her grandma she only asked about her grandma .she didnt seem sad just confused and missed her grandma she didnt call her grandma though i cant remember what she called her but i know that is what she meant i wanted to tell yas but i figured you would think i was a wackjob ive never had a dream so real as that one except for 2 years before i had a dream that all of my teeth fell out .then after that they got bad and i had to have them pulled

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    I know I've been watching too much coverage of this case when...

    I dreamt that my DD (who is the same age as Caylee-- my DD will be 3 in November) and I were at a beach resort with a bunch of my mommy friends and their kids. DD was swimming in the baby pool and I saw an old friend and ran off to see her and talk and when I came back to the baby pool, my DD was gone. I was frantic and in my dream I could not get my cell phone to work and kept hitting the wrong #s to call 911. I kept thinking I did not know if one of my friends took her back to the condo or if she drowned or some stranger grabbed her. I kept blaming myself and sobbing and screaming for DD.

    I woke up, sobbing and shaking, woke up my husband and could not shake this dream and did not sleep the rest of the night.

    That is how a real, loving mother reacts in a situation where she cannot find her child - even in my dream I was frantic and devasted. I seriously cannot even phathom how Casey cannot even show any concern about her child or not have been freaking out that she was "missing." Every mom I know would be beside herself with grief. Which is why I am drawn to this case because I just cannot understand someone like Casey.

    The above is my opinion only and subject to change without notice.

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    I am also consumed with this case. It just breaks my heart.

    Last night I had a dream that I was walking into a room where little Caylee was standing and I noticed she began to float off the ground. I told her to wait - everyone was looking for her! She told me that she had to go - everyone was fixing what her mommy "broke" and her boo-boo was getting better so she could leave now.

    I asked her what happened and she told me that Casey "sold" her and never came back. I then saw Casey telling a woman (dark hair, heavy build in her 40's) that things were tight and she was getting cut off - she wanted the woman to "front" her two "sheets" . She would go to the club and sell them and bring her back the money. I got the impression this lady was the contact for the drug/escort system and the head "watcher" or organizer of care for the different kids of the women in this system. ???

    Anyway - Caylee floated up and away while a puppy she had been playing with (black and white -small and long-haired & fluffy) nipped at her feet and barked.

    Good gosh almighty! I need a break from all of this.

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    I had a really weird dream last night about this case.

    In my dream it was CINDY who was the cause of Caylee's accidental death. Cindy was watching Caylee while Casey was supposedly "at work." Cindy left Caylee in the pool and Caylee drowned. Cindy then staged a huge cover up, including hiding the body, and trying to set up her daughter Casey. After all, who would listen to a liar like Casey?

    Cindy eventually told Casey what happened. Casey wanted to contact the proper authorities, but her parent's threatened to cut her off if she told. I woke up and had a really strange feeling.
    "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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    I dreamt from the perspective of Cindy.
    I was told that Caylee was coming home and was excited at the news.
    When they gave her to me, she was limp, cold and lifeless.
    I've thought of it off and on every day since, but still refuse to believe that she is really dead for sure.
    "Life's splendor forever lies in wait about each one of us in all its fullness, but veiled from view, deep down, invisible, far off. It is there, though, not hostile, not reluctant, not deaf. If you summon it by the right word, by its right name, it will come."
    - Kafka
    "Know the right moment."

    What I type here is mostly my opinion.
    I really don't care if my opinions offend.

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