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    Question about "new charges"

    It was mentioned last evening that LE is considering filing further charges against Casey - she stole money and checks from the girlfried Amy and also ran up her mother's charge cards.

    My question, if anyone knows, is: Do the victims have to cooperate with LE for these charges to be filed or do the police make that decision once a complaint has been made, even if the victim later says "I don't want to file charges".

    I would assume the police want to charge Casey with as many crimes as they can in order to attempt to keep her jailed. Friend Amy will likely cooperate with charges being filed but mama Cindy probably won't.

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    Good question - can't wait for our sleuthers to give an answer.
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    Cindy probably has a choice: she can either shut up about it and pay the bill, or she can press charges and claim it was "stolen." I don't think she will be able to get out of the charges without paying the bill, so she will have to make a choice about whether that money will be better used to cover for Casey or to help find Caylee.

    I think I know what she will do, unfortunately.
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    No they do not have to cooperate. It is the state's decision not the victims decision on how/when to pursue criminal charges once a crime has been reported. It would be helpful if they cooperated, but it is not necessary. Here, Cindy would have a hard time denying the theft. Also in most states, I do not know about FL, in cases involving credit card theft/bank fraud the bank or CC company is considered the "victim," as if fraud/theft is proven the bank generally cannot hold the consumer accountable for the charges.

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    I used to work as a bank teller and I can tell you that IF the bank reimburses Amy (which I think they did) then they (the bank) will file charges against Casey themselves. Amy wont have any say in the matter.

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    It is my opinion that LE is piling up charges on Casey so they have something to negotiate with to get information. (ie. We'll drop these other charges if you tell us . . .) I say go for it! Let her sit in jail!

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    I think they are trying to get leverage as well, but I do not see the utility I would not subject myself to a probable homicide charge in exchange for dropping a theft 1 and 2. I think it would amount to malpractice for her lawyer to suggest that to her.

    I think what they are really trying to do is buy time. Time before the defense asks for a preliminary hearing where the state will have to lay all their cards on the table. This could throw a serious wrench into the investigation.

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