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    Julia Child was a CIA spy

    Don't know if there is a thread for this already...


    WASHINGTON Famed chef Julia Child shared a secret with Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg and Chicago White Sox catcher Moe Berg at a time when the Nazis threatened the world. They served in an international spy ring managed by the Office of Strategic Services, an early version of the CIA created in World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt.
    The secret comes out Thursday, all of the names and previously classified files identifying nearly 24,000 spies who formed the first centralized intelligence effort by the United States. The National Archives, which this week released a list of the names found in the records, will make available for the first time all 750,000 pages identifying the vast spy network of military and civilian operatives.

    more at the link...

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    Wow! This is exciting. Really.

    I'd like to read more about this. I'd love to see who else was in it.

    I guess just about everyone knows someone who was a 'spy' at one time or another.

    I hope someone writes a book!


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    Interesting! I wonder if the band "U2" (a spy plane) got it's name from Stewart Copeland's dad (another OSS operative.)

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    Oh my goodness, this is real? I LOVE Julia Child. My mom and I used to watch her show when I was a kid. We loved how she would use alcohol in almost all of her dishes, it seemed ... and lots of it!! She was SO funny!

    How cool is that, being a spy? I am sure it was probably scary, too, but I think that is pretty cool!

    Thanks for posting the article.

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    This has been known for some time...I believe she met her husband when they both worked for the OSS. I think the names are just being officially confirmed.
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    There was a show on the history channel about women spies about four years ago that featured Julia. It talked about how they had trouble w/ sharks wanting to chew on the mines in different harbors (which were there to prevent Germany from coming in). Julia developed some kind of dip for teh mines that would not dissipate/dissolve in water and tasted like crap to the sharks so they would leave the mines alone.

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    Julia Child as CIA is so funny. I keep thinking about the SNL skit spoofing her. Who would ever suspect her? I guess that's why she was successful and not caught. And the Shark dip is so bizarre that all this is hard to wrap my brain around.
    Is there a link for the actual list? I'd love to read that!!

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