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    FL - Registered sex offender arrested in disney

    Can't a kid be safe in a dayum gift shop?

    24 year old Jose Morales was arrested in Disney after touching the buttocks of a child and then showed the girl a picture on his cell phone of a woman in a bikini. Yeah, these freaks are brilliant.

    THis article didn't mention how he was caught. Yes, I asked myself the question how the freak had time to show a child a photograph on a cell phone. Today Jose Morales is our Registered Sex Offender reoffends candidate because there's plenty more.


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    Disney spokeswoman Andrea Singer referred questions to the sheriff's office
    Of course Disney would not take a strong stance against child molesters, that would hurt their feelings.

    IDIOTS! Man, can you imagine what a creepy place disney really is. How many pedophiles flock to that place daily for their "eye candy" fix?

    If Disney would release a statement like "If you harm a child on our grounds we will use all of our legal resources to make sure you pay" or something less scary like that.

    Disney needs to step up.

    I'm not even going to ask where this childs parents were when this man touched their child and showed her a picture because we all know since its very obvious that they were not doing what should be the number one priority in their lives **watching their children**

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