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    FL - Missing Woman Found Dead In Locked Room; Car Missing-Helen Calahan

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- A 45-year-old woman who did not show up for work Thursday was found dead in her locked room and her car and live-in boyfriend missing, investigators said.

    Detectives said Helen Calahan missed a work shift at a Ponderosa restaurant this week and her roommate and co-workers became suspicious.

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    I wonder why they won't identify the boyfriend or print his picture? If they want the public to help find him, they aren't being very forthcoming.

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    Poor Helen Calahan.

    I can't find anything at all about this poor lady.

    I can't even find an obituary for her. I hate when that happens. It's almost like well she's dead and that's that. I mean did they find the boyfriend? The car?

    Helen Calahan we care. May you rest in peace.

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