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    Angry PA - Five rapes in one week

    People in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia are more than on edge with what is believed to be a serial rapist on the loose.

    The latest rape occured early this morning despite neighbors being aware and on guard. LE said a man named Dorrell Shaw came up on their radar. Shaw lives in the neighborhood where the rapes are occuring. I'll have to find a link with his sketch.

    It's so disheartening. I was watching the local news and women are just terrified. One lady was like "Keep your windows locked and keep your girls in the house". Alot of the people don't have aircondition and it's summer and the kids can't go outside?

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    Not really surprising (originally from Philly, now live in Norfolk, VA) Not trying to be a fear monger, but when I was a teenager, I had many close calls in that area. I'd be at a bus stop late and night and men would drive by and try to solicit you, yank you in their car, or follow you as you walked around.

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