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    FL - Odalis Cespedes, 41, killed, 2 injured in road rage incident, 17 Aug 2008

    A Florida man was arrested after allegedly going on a violent rampage after a minor fender-bender, slashing and stabbing the occupants of a car, then running over and killing a woman who had been riding in another nearby vehicle.

    Casey Weldon Till, 26, of Haines City, faces murder and carjacking charges after the attacks involving family members traveling in two vehicles.

    The Polk County Sheriff's Office tracked Till to his home through a pill bottle left at the scene late Sunday night. Police allege that he killed Odalis Cespedes, 41, by running her over twice. Till told police he was high on crack at the time.

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    It is hard to find anything to say after reading the link. The man is an out of control savage. Drugs or demons from hell or he had lost his mind but whatever the case he doesn't deserve to ever walk among society.

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    Oh my! There was so much going on that it's hard to understand just what happened. He sounds like an absolute nut case! I'm sure the drugs he was on didn't help much either....

    Prayers for all involved.


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    Oh my God. How horrible.

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    Oh my God! What an awful thing to have happen to that poor family, and to witness, too! Stabbing, slashing, running over people. What a frickin' nutcase.
    And for the poor little child, too.

    There are nutty people out there on the road. I always tell my fiance to not even look at people in other cars when they cut us off or pass us. You never know who has a gun or who will go on road rage using their vehicles as weapons.

    Prayers to the surviving members of this family.

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    From October 2011:


    Prosecutors had planned to seek the death penalty for Casey Weldon Till during a November trial. But the Haines City man decided Thursday to plead guilty to first-degree murder charges in exchange for a sentence that will keep him in prison for the rest of his life.

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