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    MI - Victoria Salisz, 69, Boyne Valley Township, 15 April 1988


    21 Aug 08

    CHARLEVOIX COUNTY -- Sheriff's officials here are resuming an investigation to find a 69-year-old woman who went missing 20 years ago, after an anonymous person contacted authorities with information about Victoria Salisz's disappearance. Lt. Michael Wheat and Sheriff George Lasater are requesting that the unidentified tipster contact them again. Salisz was last seen April 15, 1988 near her Boyne Valley Township home. The initial probe included the state police and Upper Peninsula agencies.

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    At the time Salisz worked as a waitress at a Boyne City restaurant called “Pippin’s Restaurant.”

    “The owner of the Pippin’s Restaurant at that time said that Victoria had not shown up for work for three days and this was not like her, this was out of character for her,” Lasater said.

    Deputies went to her home on Denise Road in Boyne Valley Township. There, they found her car parked in the driveway, and her purse still on the table, but no Victoria Salisz. And despite an intensive six month search, neither she, nor her remains, have ever been found.

    For 20 years this case has been silent, but now the author of an unsigned letter is bringing the mystery back to life.

    “I have received two letters, one during the initial investigation and the second one was recently from the same person with the same theory which the theory made a lot of sense to me,” Lasater said.

    While Sheriff Lasater wouldn’t divulge the details of the letters he is asking that the person behind the letters to come forward.
    Date given for last seen in article was 15 APR 1988

    Posted: Friday, February 6, 2004 Updated: Friday, October 23, 2009, 4:37 pm

    Charlevoix County Sheriff George T. Lasater said the most notorious unsolved case on the books in his county is the 1988 disappearance of Victoria Marie Salisz. Salisz was last seen near her DeNise Road home in Boyne Valley Township on or about April 15, 1988. She was 69 at the time.

    "Before I put my badge on the desk and walk away from this job, I'd like to solve that case," Lasater said.

    At the time the sheriff's department conducted extensive searches of the area surrounding Salisz' home, but turned up no clues. Police have long believed that Salisz's son, Stephen Salisz, and his girlfriend, Beth Webb, know something about what happened to Victoria. On Jan. 28, 1991, a special one-man grand jury began probing the disappearance of Victoria Salisz.

    The grand jury wanted to question Stephen Salisz and Beth Webb but never got the chance. The survivalist couple had armed themselves with weapons and home-made grenades, hopped on mountain bikes and headed for the hills. On Feb. 4, 1991, police caught up with them at Springvale and CCC roads in Chandler Township. They were arrested following a nearly one-hour stand off between police. They were later convicted of numerous charges stemming from the stand-off and were sentenced to prison time. Both completed their prison sentences in the mid 1990s. Lasater said neither has ever offered any information to shed light on what happened to Victoria Salisz.

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Victoria Salisz was reported missing by her employer on April 23, 1988, when she failed to report for work. She was last seen walking in the yard at her home.

    Several in-depth investigations over the years by the sheriff’s office, Michigan State Police and several Upper Peninsula police agencies have failed to turn up any trace of Salisz.

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    The first annual Missing in Michigan Event was held on May 7th, 2011 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. The slideshow was made to commemorate the families of the missing that attended the event.

    Victoria is included.

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