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    CO - Durango, Fem Skull UP1807, 20-49, Turned Over to Balch Springs TX Police, Mar'03

    I just found this case on identifyus.org and thought it was very strange. Anybody have any ideas what is going on here?

    A skull was found in Durango, CO in the 1970s and turned over to the police in Balch Springs Texas.
    The skull had no mandible, and belonged to a female approximately 20-49 yrs old.

    Then it gets very confusing...
    The case file says the skull was found in Durango, Adams County CO, which is actually 300 miles from Durango. Durango is actually in La Plata County in SW CO, Adams County is middle of state outside of Denver.

    Why would Durango (or Adams County) turn a skull over to Balch Springs Texas police? Is/was there some special lab there?
    Also the website has the 'found' date listed as 2003 instead of 1970s.

    Has anyone seen this case before? Any ideas about all the discrepancies?

    I'll try to link
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    Well, that is totally confusing and very interesting. Balch Springs is close to Dallas ....not sure if there is some type of lab or possibly someone who specializes in reconstruction that is associated with the department there. Very interesting.

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    Someone else posted this recently, or else a very similar case. I don't think there was any more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie View Post
    Someone else posted this recently, or else a very similar case. I don't think there was any more information.
    I couldn't find it searching but I can never figure out the right things to search for I'll try again in a bit once the coffee kicks in.

    I think you're probably right about there not being any more info even if this is a different case. It doesn't sound like there would be much to go on here- no dentals, etc even. I was thinking maybe the skull or its accompanying information was misplaced or 'lost' at some point along the way too. That would account for the weird dates and incorrect info on location, etc I suppose?

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    The above link brings me to a generic search page but this is it:

    Namus says year of death is 1950 to 2003 which is strange if it was found in 1970's

    I think it could be a case of someone finding a skull, keeping it as a memento and then decades later his/her heirs found it, freaked out, didn't know what to do with it and decided to let the police deal with it in 2003 and they lived in Texas at the time. That's why the year of death is strange because the police are told that it was found in the seventies but they can't really be sure, can they?

    It sounds hopeless. No details, no DNA, no dentals, no reconstruction, no identifying injuries, nothing to go on except that it's a female, 20-49 years.

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