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    Thank you so much for all your work! You truly are a hero to Caylee, no matter what!

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    Home of Sheriff Joe!
    I just wanted to pop in here and say that I think that its awesome that there are people like you and your team out there that are doing this! Keep up the good work! And God Bless you and your team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephsjordansr View Post
    I have attempted to contact owner of the property, as all searches require permission on private property. I have received no phone calls back. If anyone can get in touch and get us permission, I would be happy to search that location, otherwise it is tresspassing.
    I will try tomorrow if you will PM me the corporate information.

    I want to thank you so much for all you do. I have never understood why the Anthony family and friends was not out there helping you search.

    LE can't be everywhere and you have done more than anyone that I have heard about.

    There are some people from that area I have contacted in the last few days and suggested they get in touch with you to help. I hope they work out for you.

    Otherwise, I will see you the end of September.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephsjordansr View Post
    No. I do not want reimbursement for my time or gas expenses. Or water, or food... for that matter. I can tell you that the volunteer tent at publix has been taken down as I went there this afternoon to donate more flyers to them. I passed out and posted about 500 flyers today.

    I just want to say thank you Joseph for all that you're doing!

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