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    Did Casey violate bond requirements by contacting 12 yr old?

    Did Casey violate bond requirements by contacting 12 yr old neighbor girl while released?

    I am trying to find the actual document specifying Casey's bond requirements, such as no contact with a child under 18 yrs of age because of the child neglect charge. Atty Baez said she didn't violate terms of bond, naturally.

    I've found the surety bond itself & the bond document outlining home confinement & electronic monitoring, but nothing more specific.

    Anyone? Thanks...

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    interesting......never heard about 12 yr. old.........

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    A 12 year old girl organized a vigil for Caylee at the Anthony house. Casey wrote her an email thanking her - I do not know if she ever met the girl face to face or not - the girl would have had to enter the Anthony home as Casey was on her ankle monitor then and there were protestors outside the house so I think it is unlikely that they ever met face to face. When the evidence turned and it began to look like Casey had killed Caylee the 12 year old had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for it. Her parents are reportedly trying to sue the Anthony's over this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by passionflower View Post
    interesting......never heard about 12 yr. old.........
    It's kinda a moot point now regarding a bond violation, I would suppose. Unless charges can be filed?



    Meanwhile, the grandmother of one child involved with the Anthony family has tried to file a restraining order.

    Dakota, 12, of St. Cloud has organized a vigil and benefits to help find Caylee.

    When DNA results came back indicating Caylee may be dead, Dakota was so distraught that she ended up in the hospital.

    Her grandmother tried to get a restraining order against Cindy Anthony, claiming she kept e-mailing and texting Dakota without her permission.

    A judge denied the request, citing that there is not enough evidence of a threat.
    And regarding e-mails from KC to the girl:


    Local 6 News Obtains E-Mails Sent From Casey Anthony To 12-Year-Old
    Caylee’s Mom Befriends Girl

    POSTED: 3:38 pm EDT August 29, 2008
    UPDATED: 4:34 pm EDT August 30, 2008
    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Local 6 News on Friday exclusively obtained e-mails from Casey Anthony, the mother of a missing 3-year-old Orlando girl, that she sent to a 12-year-old girl she befriended since being bailed out of jail.

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