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    store video's of Casey

    Something that has always made my hinkey meter tick is, If Casey was running all over Orlando for a month using her moms credit cards does anyone else think that LE more than likely has other store video of her using them? I would think if they do they would also be able to see if Caylee was with her during any of these transactions. We now know from her Friday re-arrest that LE did have video of her using Amy's checks.

    I also would like to state that from the 911 call that Cindy made when she said that Casey had been using her credit card and she had the paperwork that proved it , I would think that in the beginning of the investigation she would have supplied that info to LE, I also believe that it will be out of Cindy's hand as far has prosecuting Casey on this charge, and will be up to the credit card company, And if the amounts that were being spoken about in the beginning of this case is true it was between $45,000-$47,000 I would say that Casey will be in a whole world of hurt if charged in this theft.

    I would also like to add one more thing, I feel that Le has released alot of information about this case to the media and the public but I cannot help but think there must be much more that LE knows and has yet to be released that when it is I am sure it will make all of our heads spin.

    "A lie gets half way around the world before the truth can gets its pants on" Winston Churchill

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    I think LE knows a whole heck of a lot more than what we've seen come out. A WHOLE lot more. For sure.

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    they probably have store images of her with caylee after june 16.

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    Quote Originally Posted by absolut_alexis View Post
    they probably have store images of her with caylee after june 16.

    I wish that were true but, I really don't think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by absolut_alexis View Post
    they probably have store images of her with caylee after june 16.
    Why would you assume this? To beleive there was a sighting beyond that date?

    Doesnt have much to do with the theft charges the OP refers to anyway.

    *Even if LE do have these on record, Not sure if Cindy would cooperate in persuing charges against her, the banks might though- it has been known that the creditor persues charges.
    As far as video surveilance, they may have more than enough video of those transactions. I'm sure they follow up and persue leads that are insisted upon that would support this case in anyway they would possibly need. However, there are times when theres too much edvidence and they wont need all of it to prosecute someone. IMO

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