Not one, but two, two registered sex offenders got popped for being perverts in public. Two in Florida.

Raymond James is 48 years old, but he masturbates in public in front of little girls. This freak pulls that crapolla and then gives the 10 year old girl money in the sum of $5.00 and his digits. Yeah way to go giving a kid your phone number and loot after ya shock the poor thing. Some members of the public took care of holding James until the cops came.

Then ya get good old Shedrick Jenrette who goes to the bar and proceeds to play with himself in public. This creep starts getting with himself in plain view of people. I mean WTH? Then the guy gets all nervous once cops show up.

More at link with mughshots of these two upstanding citizens. Ya think they are rehabilitated? I'm hoping those two little girls are alright.