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    Contributions made to Caylee's search

    Be VERY careful who you are giving your donations to.

    DO it think it's a mere accident that the family who can't afford bail made a consultation with the TOP lawyer in Florida regarding the new forensic revelations?

    Any accident that he says they were just consulting him, but might hire a TEAM of lawyers from his firm to represent them?

    Do you think it odd that the group Cindy contacted to search for bodies is not getting paid by Cindy, and were planning to leave until the police paid them $5000 and lent them airboats?

    The family can claim that getting a good lawyer for Casey is going to help them find Caylee, therefore if you are not careful, you may be aiding in her defense!

    Contribute to the police, or to that group that the police paid. Do we want to see Casey walk due to a good team of lawyers being able to continue muddying up the waters enough to stop a jury from being able to clearly convict her when the time comes?

    This is only my opinion, based on my own observations which I do not claim to be based on any proper investigation into the matter. It may not be accurate, I only ask that you use your head before contributing to someone who may not be funding things you THINK are being funded.
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    Deadguy makes an interesting point. I know the Anthony's have their own website and I am sure they have a "contributions" site.
    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!" MLK, Jr.

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    Here is the correct thread for this.


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    Perfect! thanks!

    Get the word out!

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