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    CA - Mother arrested for kidnapping adult son

    Lupe Lara and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged for kidnapping Lara's 19 year old son.

    The pair shackled the kid and put him in the car to take him to a rehab. At one point the kid asked to use a bathroom at a rest stop and called the cops.

    Although extreme I have to wonder just how bad off this kid was. I sort of feel for this lady if her son was messed up on drugs. I mean what is worse? Not caring or "kidnapping" your child because you want to get him help? Although even if they got the kid to rehab if he doesn't want to be there then too bad for everyone else.

    That's sad.


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    The bad thing is....if he isnt ready to stop using...rehab is a waste of time and money!

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    A person has to want to get better, they have to realize that they have a drug problem, they often have to hit rock bottom to "invite" an invitation to go into rehab.

    But to kidnap an adult, force him/her to rehab is just not going to work.

    Even though this women "thought" she had good intentions, kidnapping your own adult child is and always will be against the law, despite your intentions.

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    Actually most rehab's make the addict ask to be admitted in rehab. They want them to want help. Sadly, my brother is a drug addict, and rehab hasn't worked for him long term despite him wanting to quit. I really feel for this Mother because I know how desperate she was to save him. She just went about it the wrong way.

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    Sounds like Mom was between a rock and a hard place. With choices only of her child addicted to drugs/losing him to drugs or breaking the law to try to get him off, well I think I might take the risk too. And yes, I know it is probably the wrong choice.

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    sadly, the lady was trying to save her child's life , that should count in her favor in getting 12 people to convict her for a crime.

    even more sadly, the knucklehead kid called the cops on his own parents, trying to help him, thus, no one in the world will help him now. he should have just ran away instead of calling the police.

    last, our society tells us to use a policy of tough love, toward that end, it seems to be better to let the kid hit rock bottom and potentially die, than it is to over power them and take them to rehab.

    maybe they all need counsdling?


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