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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Lawyer View Post
    Hi. A Florida judge can allow bail and though it's rare, it's been allowed even for defendants accused of 1st degree murder.

    (Edited to add: just in case someone asks, examples of 1st degree murder defendants who have gotten bail in Florida include Mary Winkler - the gal accused of murdering her pastor hubby. She posted 750K bond.)
    Correcting myself here. I think Mary Winkler got bail in Tennessee where she was tried. I did a quick search for Florida and it seems to back up the idea that while rare, a judge can order bail on a murder charge. See for example, this link . In addition to that link, I know the astronaut defendant was granted bail on an ATTEMPTED MURDER charge (Lisa Nowak).

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    ~Respectfully Snipped

    I have already warned once...this thread is only 2 pages long and I have had to deleted close to 40 posts today...come on!

    Please stay on topic...this Thread is for DAILY UPDATES.

    The purpose is to post updates throughout the day so that people have one place to check. We want to read updates not conversation..there are plenty of threads for that.

    You can get banned for taking up to much of the moderators time ya know? - the wink/kiss this time!

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    The website for the Orange Country Sheriff's Department now has a special page where the reader can see (separately) all the various documents, statements, arrest warrants, search warrants, press releases, etc. that have been provided to either the media or through a Freedom of Information Act request. Links to each are provided in a list that specifies what the document is. I found this page very informative and the search warrant seeking specified objects of Casey's clothes was particularly informative as it has a good recap of the early part of the investigation/lies.

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    Independent Searchers Continue Looking For Caylee
    Bones Discovered By Searcher Apparently Belong To Dead Bird

    POSTED: 11:53 pm EDT September 8, 2008

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