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    The first post about caylee

    I was wondering what the post count is now on this case? There is no way to keep up with thousands of daily posts on this case, but I looked back to see where it began. Curiously, the member who started the first thread has not made another comment! Here is the link:

    From the beginning, our Sleuthers were astounded & repulsed by Casey's disregard for the whereabouts of little Caylee. Although her inaction was immediately suspect, the grandparents had a lot of sympathy.

    I hesitated to begin yet another thread on the wildfire in Orlando.... but (obviously) I did, as I believe the volume of interest must be historical. I hope that unlike the Ramsey, Holloway & McCann cases there will be an definite end to this. While the psychologists try to explain the Anthony's odd behaviors, they should study the phenomenom of our facination with the Anthony family..... if this was the storyline in a book instead of a very real missing-person case, I probably would have lost interest long ago... just too exasperating... the characters are not believable!

    Mods or anyone... is there a way to keep a running total of comments? "Countdown" or number wizards, do you need a project? ...... Behaviorist, please analyze us here!... if the Pope had shoved or high-fived someone today, would it have sparked as much commentary as the infamous Floridians have?

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