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    Minister Calls on Teen to "Come Back to Life"

    Teen dies in automobile crash. Minister approaches the casket, leaned in and calls the teen back to life during the funeral on September 5, 2008!


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    I can understand the family doing this. They must be in such pain. It is a tragic loss. But I am disgusted with the priest. Instead of being a comfort to the family he only exacerbated their pain.

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    People are usually autopsied and then they are embalmed. What was this Pastor thinking? It had to give the family hope and then realize the teenager was not coming back. It seems extremely selfish of him. Very cruel.

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    Ya gotta admit, that would have been pretty cool!

    I can see what the pastor was thinking, in that the kid had died too soon. But did he seriously expect it to work? That can't have been easy to watch...
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    wow...Im thinking this was the minister's first young death he had to deal with. I feel for him, but he's gotta pull it together if he's going to help other families. I lost my 3 year old niece last summer, if our priest would have done that, the whole church would have lost it more than we already had.

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