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    MA - Woman assaulted in Back Bay T station

    The perp is being arraigned in court today after approaching the woman at the T station, flashing a gun, robbing her and then forcing her into a stairwell where he raped her.

    She fought back and he continually punched her in the head, but during the assault she noticed he had put the gun down next to him, so she kicked it down the stairwell. He jumped off of her to chase the gun and she fled.

    God Bless her!!!!!
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    Good for her!!! Thank god she was able to fight so hard and get away!

    The perp scares the hell out of me - he really wasn't worried about getting caught, now was he? Some of these perps are getting so BOLD...very scary. That's why you cannot let your guard down for a minute anymore when you are out in public.

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