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    CT - Lester 'Chip' Stewart, 27, Litchfield Co., Sept 1978

    Interesting story. Looks like Dad was trying to leave his son a nice inheritance, in a bag?


    Already facing serious drug charges, Kenneth Gelormino Jr. walked into the Litchfield state police barracks 18 months ago, hoping the contents of the bag he was carrying could solve his legal troubles.

    He gave the bag to detectives, who were startled to discover what was inside — bones from a human arm.

    Gelormino told police the bones belonged to Lester "Chip" Stewart, who had been reported missing in January 1980, 16 months after he was last seen in Litchfield County — in September 1978.

    Police had long suspected that Stewart was the victim of a drug deal gone bad.

    Gelormino, who lived in Torrington, told authorities he got the bones from his father, Kenneth Gelormino Sr. The son said his father, facing a life-threatening disease, told him a gruesome secret: He and another man killed Stewart, burned his body and buried it under a stone wall.

    The elder Gelormino had kept the bones as collateral to blackmail his former partner, and he wanted his son to use the bones to continue to extort money from the man, who had since moved to Arizona.


    Lester Stewart
    Missing since September 1978 from Litchfield County, Connecticut.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics
    • Date Of Birth: January 30, 1951
    • Age at Time of Disappearance: 27 years old
    • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance:
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair.
    • AKA: Chip

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Stewart resided in Litchfield County, Connecticut during the early / mid-1970s. He lived in the 6700 block of southwest 88 Street in South Miami, Florida in 1978. Stewart was last seen in Litchfield County sometime during September 1978.
    Stewart was reported as a missing person in January 1980. Authorities believe that he was murdered as the result of a drug transaction. Investigators theorize that Stewart's remains are buried somewhere near Goshen and Sharon, Connecticut. His body has never been located

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    Listed as a cold case by Connecticut State Police:


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    Once DNA results showed that the bones were Stewart's, detectives started checking out the rest of Gelormino's tale - which led them to the stone wall in Morris. But before police could take the wall apart, they needed permission from the Litchfield Land Trust because the previous owners of the property had obtained a conservation easement.The easement is a legal agreement between a property owner and a land trust that permanently restricts uses of land to protect it from development.
    "We certainly are going to do what we can to further justice, so we weren't going to tell them not to take apart a stone wall," Litchfield Land Trust President Jon Fulkerson said in a recent interview.
    State police did not tell the land trust why they needed access to the property, although Fulkerson said he "assumed it was to look for a body or evidence in a criminal case." He would not reveal the address of the property.
    It's unclear why state police did not get a search warrant from a court.
    State police also would not reveal where they are digging or whether they have found anything that could lead them to Stewart's body. But spokesman Lt. Paul Vance said the case is "very active."
    "The investigation has been ongoing for about 18 months," Vance said. "Some new witnesses have been found and new leads pursued, and we anticipate bringing this case to the next level very soon."

    Wonder if they were ever able to dig up the stone wall...strange that there are no updates on this case since 2008, since they now have suspects, motive and possible location of the body.

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