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    IA - Erin Pospisil, 15, Cedar Rapids, 3 June 2001

    ERIN KAY POSPISIL Missing 3 Jun 2001 from Cedar Rapids, IA

    DOB: Apr 14, 1986
    Missing: Jun 3, 2001
    Age at time: 15
    Age Now: 18
    Sex: Female
    Race: White
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'2" to 5'3" (160 cm)
    Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Dark brown hair; Dark brown eyes. Popisil has a small scar above her eye and red highlights in her hair.
    Endangered Runaway
    Missing From: CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, United States

    Cedar Rapids Police Department (Iowa) 1-319-286-5491

    Details of Disappearance
    Pospisil was last seen at her home on the 100 black of 12th Street southeast on late Sunday, June 3, 2001. She was observed getting into a two-door black Chrevolet Impala or Cavalier, early 1990's model, with dark tinted rear windows. Pospisil has never been heard from again. She was last seen wearing beige overall shorts and a light-colored tank top.
    The Chevrolet was unfamiliar to Pospisil's friends and family but a friend who witnessed her getting into it said she seemed to know the people inside. Police therefore classified her case as a runaway, but Pospisil's family believes she may have been abducted. She did not take her day-timer, makeup case, or any other personal belongings with her, and none of her friends have heard from her since she disappeared.
    The investigation into Pospisil's disappearance leans towards the theory that gang members in the areas of Cedar Rapids and Chicago, Illinois may have involved somehow. She may have been seen in the spring of 2002 at a convenience store in Cedar Rapids, in the backseat of a car with Illinois license plates. Police were unable to locate her or the vehicle, however.
    Pospisil has relatives in Nevada but none of them have heard from her. She lived with her father, stepmother and three siblings when she disappeared, and was a freshman at Metro High School where her attendance was spotty. Her case remains unsolved. Some agencies may classify Pospisil as an endangered runaway.

    Her Mother states:
    Erin Kay Pospisil has been missing since Sunday June 3, 2001. She was 15 at that time. That evening she left home at around 8:45 pm to go to a friend’s house (Brit’s) to watch movies. It was the first weekend of summer vacation. They were excited about the first “Summer Monday”. The girls were planning a friend’s surprise party to be held on the upcoming Thursday.

    Erin got a ride over to Brit’s house. Curtis, a friend of Erin’s older brother, was leaving at the same time so he agreed to give her a ride. When they got to Brit’s house, no one answered the door. (Turns out that she had “run to the store” for chips and soda.) As Erin was walking back to Curtis’ truck, a dark colored Chevrolet Cavalier with tinted rear windows car pulled up to the curb. Erin went up to the car and had a short conversation with someone in the car. She told Curtis, “These guys will give me a ride.” Erin got in the back seat. No one has seen or heard from her since.

    On June 6, 2001 Erin was reported missing to the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Since the friend who witnessed her departure said Erin seemed to know the people in the car, the Cedar Rapids Police made the decision to classify Erin as a runaway. They discounted the fact that Erin did not take her day-timer, make-up case, backpack, clothes or any other belongings with her. That silly day-timer went everywhere with her. My most social child, Erin never went more than a day without talking to her closest friends. It has now been nearly 1000 days. But maybe she did runaway. That sure seems better than the alternatives. But as a parent, my gut tells me that she didn’t.

    Early leads that were furnished suggested that Erin’s disappearance might be related to Cedar Rapids and Chicago Gang activity and an area of Chicago referred to as “ghost town”. We found “ghost town” and detectives have talked to members of the allegedly involved gang. Nothing has come out of this.

    Our one reliable sighting came in the spring of 2002. Erin was spotted at a convenience store in Cedar Rapids. She was riding in the back seat of a car with Illinois license plates. This tip was provided to Cedar Rapids Police, however the car was not found. We have never been able to verify the sighting. The person who sighted her knows her well and is still convinced that it was her. This has been our “ray of hope” to hold onto.

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    I keep thinking about Erin. After reading so many posts on missing people it's easy to assume that something tragic did probably happen even though the police feel that she's a runaway. Does anyone know any more about this case? I've searched and haven't found a website that may have been done by friends or family.

    I'm curious why she wasn't reported missing for more than 2 days. I'm also curious as to whether more people (other than Curtis) witnessed her getting into a car.

    Let me know what you know!


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    The website in the post above yours, Help Find A Child, was done by the family.


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    Please remember Erin and her family in your prayers today. 6/3/06 marks 5 years since she disappeared. The family has traveled back to Cedar Rapids, IA, to mark this sad day.

    Thank you.

    Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
    President and Founder,
    Project Jason
    Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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    Bumping for Erin.

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    A Project Jason Press Release:

    "4 Families, 4 Mysteries

    4 families who have experienced the tragedy of having a missing loved one will come together on Sunday, May 6th to share their stories with dozens of bike riders at the 4th annual Miles for the Missing Family Bike Ride, sponsored by Omaha nonprofit organization, Project Jason.

    Riders will meet the family members starting at 9:30am on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail in Council Bluffs, IA. Miles for the Missing is a casual ride, and riders can go distances from 1 mile up to 44. Sag and free water will be provided. Rider cost is $17 each, and children under age 10 ride free.

    Families represented at the ride include: Jim and Kelly Jolkowski of Omaha, parents of missing Jason Jolkowski, who disappeared from his Omaha home on June 13, 2001; Carolyn Pospisil, stepmother of Erin Pospisil, who was last seen in Cedar Rapids, IA on June 6, 2001; and the family of Michael O’Connor, who disappeared from downtown Omaha in February. Also in attendance will be Jim Rains, brother of missing Jackie Rains-Kracman. She was last seen in Columbus, NE in 1965. She was 18 years old at the time.

    Project Jason members will be present to give away free Personal ID Kits and other safety information for families. They will also explain the services offered and awareness programs available for the missing. Proceeds from the ride enable Project Jason to continue to offer their free services to families of the missing nationwide and provide educational materials to all families.

    For more information, please see Project Jason - Assistance for families of the missing, and click on the Miles for the Missing link, or call Kelly Jolkowski at 402-932-0095.

    Email: Milesforthemissing(at sign)projectjason.org"

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    A Project Jason Press Release


    For further information contact:
    Kelly Jolkowski



    Omaha Area Families of the Missing Gather to Remember Their Loved Ones

    Omaha, NE, - June 13th, 2007- June 13th, 2007, marks the six year anniversary of the disappearance of then 19 year-old Jason Jolkowski from his home in Omaha, NE. To bring awareness for area missing persons cases and garner community support for the families of the missing, Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is declaring June 13th as Omaha Missing Persons' Day. Project Jason, founded by the family of Jason Jolkowski, is sponsoring an event to commemorate this day. It will be held at Omaha's Memorial Park at 56th and Underwood Ave from 6:30-8:30pm. The public is invited to attend.

    This event will also serve to honor four other families of missing persons from the area. They, along with the parents of Jason Jolkowski, will share their stories.

    In addition, the Cue Center, a nonprofit organization from North Carolina led by founder Monica Caison, which provides assistance for families of the missing, has included Omaha and this event as a stop on their national tour to bring awareness for numerous missing person's cases. The 4th annual "On the Road to Remember Tour" begins on June 11th and concludes on June 21st, covering 2,400 miles, 22 stops in 11 states, and 75 missing person cases.

    This moving ceremony will begin with a march led by the Air Force Color Guard with bagpipe accompaniment. The Mayor's office will then present the Omaha Missing Persons' Day proclamation to Kelly Jolkowski, President and Founder of Project Jason, and to Monica Caison, Founder of the Cue Center.

    The event will also include music and prayer, and will culminate with a symbolic white dove release by each represented family.

    Featured Missing Persons' Cases:

    Jason Jolkowski disappeared from the driveway of his home in Omaha, NE on Wednesday, June 13th, 2001. He was then 19 years of age. He was preparing to go to work at his part-time job, and was last seen doing his weekly chores outside.

    Erin Pospisil was just 15 years old on June 3rd, 2001, when she left her home in Cedar Rapids, IA to go visit a friend. Her friend was not home, and when a car pulled up, Erin went over and spoke with the occupants. She entered that vehicle and was never seen again.

    Singer-songwriter Gina Bos disappeared on October 17, 2000 after performing at a pub in Lincoln, NE. The next morning, her vehicle was found across the street from the pub with the trunk ajar and her guitar inside.

    Nearly 42 years ago, 18 year-old Jackie Rains-Kracman left her home in Columbus, NE, telling her family she was going to a wedding with a friend in Glenwood, IA. The friend returned home, but Jackie didn't.

    University of Missouri sophomore Jesse Ross vanished on November 21, 2006, after attending a model United Nations conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, IL. After a dance, Jesse was seen heading towards his hotel room, which was a ten minute walk from the Sheraton. Jesse never made it back.

    About Project Jason:

    Project Jason, located in Omaha, NE was founded in 2003 by the parents of missing young adult Jason Jolkowski. “Our mission as a non profit organization is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.” Project Jason serves families of the missing nationwide and has been instrumental in the recent passage of missing persons' legislation in several states through their Campaign for the Missing program. To learn more about Project Jason, please see http://www.projectjason.org, or contact Kelly Jolkowski at 402-932-0095 or kelly.jolkowski@projectjason.org

    About Cue Center:

    Founded in 1994, the Cue Center, (Community United Effort) based in Wilmington, N.C., provides support, services and search efforts to families of the missing. For full On the Road to Remember tour dates and locations, as well as a complete listing of cases featured on the tour, e-mail cuecenter@aol.com or call Monica Caison at (910) 343-1131 or the 24 Hour Line at (910) 232-1687.For more information, please see http://ncmissingpersons.org/


    Important Note: If it is raining, or rain is threatening, the event will be held at Holy Name Church at 2901 N Fontenelle Blvd. (As of this writing, the chance of rain is very high, so it is imperative that the rain location be communicated.)

    If the event takes place at Memorial Park, attendees need to bring their own chairs

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    (Video Included which shows families of missing Erin Pospisil and Jesse Ross speaking.)

    Missing Man's Mother Wants National DNA Database Used
    Kelly Jolkowski Asks States To Change Laws

    On the anniversary of an Omaha teenager's disappearance, his mother launched a campaign to help find closure for the families of missing people.

    Jason Jolkowski disappeared in June 2001. On Wednesday, his mother, Kelly, said she is pushing for new legislation. Through her advocacy group Project Jason, Jolkowski said she's helping lead a nationwide grassroots effort to better use the national DNA database to help identify the estimated 40,000 to 50,000 unidentified bodies around the country.

    "Encourage families of the missing to have their DNA taken and entered into CODIS," Jolkowski said. "Then, when you have an unidentified body, these samples will match against family member samples."

    Jolkowski wants states to pass legislation preventing remains from being cremated or buried without first identifying them.

    "The law will stipulate that won't happen. They won't be able to do that. They must take a sample and get it into CODIS and match against family members samples," Jolkowski said.

    While it could bring closure for many families of the missing, Jolkowski said it's not the outcome they will be wishing for.

    Jolkowski said that currently there are eight states that have either put this legislation into place or are close to passing it. It is up for consideration in a number of others.

    Jolkowski said she's been working with her state senator in hopes to have a proposal drafted for next year's legislative session in the Nebraska Unicameral.

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    Still missing as of 28 April 08


    The case remains open, said Sgt. Cristy Hamblin of the Cedar Rapids Police Department. In June she will have been missing for seven years.

    Family and friends continue to hold events in Erin's honor hoping to keep her in the minds of those who knew her and let those who have any information on her whereabouts know that she is still missing.

    much more at link

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    Has Curtis been questioned and cleared as a suspect? His explanation seems kinda fishy....and he was the last one to see her.

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    IA-Erin Kay Pospisil, 15, Cedar Rapids, 2001

    Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing

    Vital Statistics

    DOB: Apr 14, 1986
    Missing Date: Jun 3, 2001
    Age at time of disappearance: 15
    Sex: Female
    Race: White
    Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
    Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Missing City: CEDAR RAPIDS
    Missing State : IA
    Missing Country: United States
    NCMEC Case Number: NCMC919997


    Erin was last seen at home on June 3, 2001 and she has not been seen or heard from since that day. She has a small scar above her left eye. When she was last seen, Erin had red highlights in her hair.


    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children



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    I knew Erin. It still gets to me when I drive by her old house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olsenblue View Post
    I knew Erin. It still gets to me when I drive by her old house.

    Is there any information you could add to this? And I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Welcome to Websleuths Olsenblue. I'm in IA and I always think of Erin while I float around cyberspace.

    Here's a link to all the Gazette articles about her.

    The more I get to know some people, the more I like my cats!

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