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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    W.S. Exclusive. Cindy A. Tells Websleuths Owner Her Lawyer Is Taking On Websites!

    Dear Websleuth Members,

    Last week a poster called Katie526 claimed she was e-mailing and talking with Cindy Anthony.

    On Websleuths, when a poster makes a claim of this nature, I like to check it out. Websleuths is different that other sites in that we don't allow people to come in and tell whatever story they want. When we can, we verify.

    Katie gave me Cindy A's number and permission to call. I did.

    I left Cindy a message explaining that she had my word that I would not ask one question about the case. I just wanted to see if this poster was legit.

    Cindy called me back. She was extremely gracious and surprisingly open.

    She said she didn't remember Katie but that didn't mean anything since she talked and e-mailed so many people. I agreed to send her Katie's post via email and she would tell me if Katie was being truthful.

    There was more to this conversation as you will soon learn.

    When I emailed Cindy Katie's posts I told her I wanted to quote and post our conversation on Websleuths. If she had any objection to let me know.

    A few days later I emailed her again asking about Katie.

    She wrote back and said she had indeed spoken and e-mailed with Katie526. Cindy did not mention the rest of the email.

    I have thought about whether to post the transcript of my notes or not. I came to the conclusion that since she did not object or say anything about objecting I was going to post.

    Below comes from my notes of the conversation. It may not be exact but it is close.

    Cindy calls and I explain why I am calling. Cindy tells me she is on Websleuths now and wants to know where Katie's posts are. I get on the forum and start to look.

    There is a lull in the conversation. Keep in mind I never asked, never prompted, in any way the following conversation:

    (lull) Then Cindy says, "We are going to be filing with our attorney any negative media webstuff, trying to get websites closed down. So I am just going to let you know. I have not investigated yours but we are trying to get a lot of websites closed down.

    Cindy continues as I sit stunned; People can have their opinions but I mean it's the language and stuff that they are saying. You know, certain words you don't see put out there. So people are starting to look at a lot of these websites. Like I said as far as I know that no one has looked at yours yet. But I'm just letting you know....

    TRICIA says, "That's fine. Website owners are protected by a Federal Law believe me I have been through this before

    CINDY: 'K

    TRICIA:So I am not worried about that.

    At this point I try and change the subject back to Katie's posts. Trying to locate them. Cindy jumps in again...

    CINDY: But you guys don't endorse or allow people to use certain inflammatory words and stuff do you?

    TRICIA: Like what?

    CINDY: Well I mean do you you know, allow people to go on there and use extreme foul language.

    TRICIA (I'm shocked at the mere thought of this ) OH NO NO NO NO. Absolutely Not!!!

    CINDY: OK OK That's what I am saying

    TRICIA: In fact we're very strict about that.

    CINDY: OK You guys do more....(didn't catch what she said here. Sorry)

    CINDY: Like I said I haven't been on yours so...

    TRICIA: If somebody uses the word "Skank" or "Slut" it's GONE. Now that doesn't mean we catch it all the time. We get thousands of posts a day.

    CINDY: I'm talking worse than that .

    TRICIA: No No No We absolutely do not..we try, I can't guarantee but we try and have people on the forum all of the time.

    TRICIA: Unless somebody alerts us we don't know. Yes that is against our Terms of Service. Absolutely.

    CINDY: OK Alright cuz that's the type of stuff that we want... people are allowed to talk about whatever they want to talk about you know you guys have some you know...

    TRICIA I agree. No Absolutely No we do not allow that.

    Then I went on to say rather than try and find Katie's post I would email them to her.

    We exchanged "Goodbye" and that was it.

    Again, I want to stress, Cindy started talking when there was a lull in the conversation while I was looking up posts.

    So, her attorney and I guess his "people" are scouring the web looking for sites that allow bad language about the Anthony's. Really foul language it sounds like what they are looking for.

    Good Luck to them.

    The Anthony's are taking on free speech on the Internet. Ok.

    I do agree with Cindy. It is horrible. That's why we don't allow it. I can't imagine reading the stuff she has to read day in and day out but to take on Website? It is going to be one tough battle.

    And yes, Website owners are protected by a federal law. Can't remember it but we are. Unless something has happened that I don't know about.

    There it is my friends. A Websleuths major exclusive.

    My computer is gone. Toast. Bit the dust. Bought the farm...and so on. I will not be back on a computer until tomorrow morning.

    Mods if you need help or clarification on anything call me.

    PS. This is my third laptop in less than two years that has crashed. I will not be able to get another one for a loooong time. So I might be around as much as I use to. For a while any way.
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    Oh.....WOW! That's about all I have right now. I'm speechless!!!


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    Don't they have anything better to do?!

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    Well I wish I could really say what I want about C.A. but I'd probably be banned. But if she wants to challenge my freedom of speech, bring it.

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    Thanks Tricia . . . I'm sorry about your laptop - that really stinks.

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    Tricia, I believe Cindy has been able to take down a few Myspace sites that were very uncomplimentary about them or their daughter. Myspace seems to easily take down sites if they get a complaint. I don't know if there is any dealing with Myspace or not but I do know of 2 sites that were taken down with no notice to the owners of the pages.
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    Huzzah Trish! I'm thrilled to know that the Anthonys now believe they can circumvent basic issues of free speech. Good luck, this ought to be interesting -- and expensive.

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    Okay....well.....it's official....they have officially gone way off the deep end.

    I also don't believe that they have not been here looking around. Katie herself said that she had invited her here.

    Too bad they don't spend as much time looking for their missing grandchild. Can I say that without having to deal with legal action?
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    Thank you Tricia! You're the bestest! I would send you mine if I could just to keep you around!

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    Oh my goodness.. I am sure there are lots of postings she will see here that she won't like. Freedom of speech though right?!?

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    Oh Tricia, have you seen these cute new tiny laptops that are out? Best Buy has an Acer with a wonderful rating there for $350. They are only 8" big and weigh 2 lbs. There are others coming out to by other companyies and they are around $500. You can't do alot on them but they are great for email and internet and they have wireless cards. Sorry its off topic but just in case you are interested! They are called net mini's or mini nets or something like that.
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    I'll represent you for free if her attorney contacts you. I teach internet defamation and have been a lawyer forever (or so it seems).

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    I thought they said they spend their time on the web and phone looking for Caylee??? Is what goes on in Chat Rooms or message boards really a top priority while your 3 year old daughter & granddaugher is missing????

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    Good Lord, does Cindy realize that is like taking on the world?
    Good Luck is all I can say..
    Justice For Caylee Marie

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