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    LA - Andre Jenkins, 5 mos, dies in clothes dryer, Harvey, 11 Sept 2008

    This is one of several articles. 19yo Ariel Smith has been arrested for the murder of a five-month-old baby by Jefferson police, admitting that she put the child in a clothes dryer after the child frustrated her.

    Infant Dies After Babysitter Puts Him In Clothes Dryer

    I feel so badly for little Andre Jenkins and his mother.

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    OMG!! This is horrible!!!!! It made me ill!!!! How horrifying!

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    That poor, poor baby....stories like this remind me that life is just not fair.

    You know, stories like this are THE REASON WHY I stay home with my children. I don't get paid, it's a 24/7 job, I am exhausted, get up before everyone else, fall asleep after everyone else, most of the time eat my dinner cold and never get a shower BUT my children are safe and I know that noone will harm them. Yes, sometimes we are living paycheck to paycheck but it is so worth it to know that I'll never have to leave my children with another person outside of our immediate family.

    BTW, I am NOT saying that I think this mother is at fault AT ALL. No way! I just wish everyone was able to stay home with their children and not have to worry about things like this happening. It's heartbreaking to hear and I can't imagine what Andre's poor mother is going through.

    My heart breaks for little Andre's mother. God bless her. I will pray for her tonight because Lord knows, she is living a mother's worst nightmare.

    RIP Andre!
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    where do these people even get these ideas ????

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    oh god .. im gonna be sick .. that poor angel

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    Unbelievably cruel!

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    My heartfelt prayers to the mother. Poor little Andre.

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    I am amazed and horrified. These babies, these children that are falling victim to these crimes today are so precious. How can one look into the eyes of these innocents and harm them??? I cannot fathom it.
    My thoughts are with Andres mom as she lives this horrible nightmare.
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    O.M.G.!!! WHERE Do These Evil People Come From?

    My thoughts are with the baby's family

    For Travis Alexander!!
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    What was this stupid evil woman thinking? What did she expect from putting a llittle five month old in a drier and turning it on?? I can't imagine what little Andre's mother is feeling right now. For those of you who stay at home, you are lucky to have that option. I am a working Mom, and I use a commercial daycare instead of a private daycare. I always worried about private daycare, because after you leave, there is no one to see what happens. Commercial daycares at least have numerous sets of eyes, at least one of which, will hopefully have a conscience if anything is happening. I guess I always feel a bit defensive about being a working Mom, but if all women stayed home, you would have no place to take your children when they get sick. I work in healthcare, and every woman I work with - has children. It isn't just a job for us, it is a career, and it isn't about buying selfish things. Some people feel compelled to help others in life.

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    Some people are just pure, pure evil. They should not even be sharing the same air. I can't even comprehend that I share the same molecular structure on ANY level as someone that can come up with something like this. I don't get it and I don't want to get it. If I ever get it, someone beat it out of me.
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    Stupid and evil, there is just no excuse.

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    That just makes me nauseous.

    Justice for Travis

    Sometimes the first step towards forgiveness is understanding that the other person is a complete idiot.

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    From December 2010:


    "Every time we put clothing in the dryer is a reminder of what you did," one of the boy's aunts, Tara Thibodaux, told Andre's killer, Arielle Smith, in a Jefferson Parish courtroom, where Smith was sentenced Wednesday to spend the rest of her life in prison for killing the baby while caring for him more than two years ago.

    Smith, 21, of Harvey was convicted of second-degree murder on Nov. 17. The life sentence, with no chance of parole, is mandatory under Louisiana law...

    About a half-hour after the chid's mother, Brandy Dozier, left her children with Smith, Andre was dead from the trauma and burns he received in the Speed Queen dryer, where he tumbled for more than a minute, according to testimony.

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