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    JB Cases Per Orange County Clerk of the Courts

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    State of Disarray
    Ha! Great find! Thanks!
    "Until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna crumble... until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna fail."

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    I feel bad for all his other clients when he's spending soooo much time with Casey. When does he even have time for anyone else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by misheley26 View Post
    Oh Boy, is the media going to have fun with THIS "high profile" defense attorney :Banane34:

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    Is JB her "court appointed"?

    ABC provided $200,000.00 to
    Casey Anthonys defense!
    The MURDERED should not be USED to pay for the MURDERERS DEFENSE!

    American Tragedy: The defense of Casey Anthony.

    Juror No. 11 somehow made the journey from Casey is the one on trial to George may be a murderer, based on how George acted on the stand? 3 years of evidence against Casey and he throws George under the bus. Makes sense?
    What evidence indicated that George might be a murderer? Anyone?
    Weren't they to ONLY consider EVIDENCE?
    This NOT GUILTY verdict throws Caylee right back into the swamp she decomposed in. Thanks to this "impartial" jury.

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    we have links to the OC Courts up in the stickies. Your searches time out so we cannot see what you are trying to show us.When we click on the links it is just to the website.
    thank you though


    misheley, you might want to post your search parameters up in the sticky so we can find the info. thank you.

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