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    UK - Grandma rescues woman being attacked by psycho man

    Here's another one of those random and motiveless attacks on an innocent person.


    A brave grandmother stepped in to save a young woman from a horrific random attack in which she was stabbed more than 20 times in a supermarket.

    The 20-year-old was shopping in the Somerfield branch of a seaside town when she was targeted by a crazed knifeman who repeatedly stabbed her in the neck and chest.

    The blood-soaked victim was saved only when Bonnie Brown dragged her away from the attacker and security guards pinned him down. Other supermarket staff threw tins of beans at the knifeman's head in a bid to stop the attack.

    The victim was rushed to hospital and last night remained in a serious but stable condition in intensive care.

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    It's good that she's in good condition, considering what she went through! And the woman who saved her was extremely brave! I hate when I see stories where witnesses to crime do nothing to help or intervene.

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    What a brave woman! So nice to see this story - so many times we see stories where no one does something. Go Grandma!!!

    All kinds of hugs!


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    wow she is one lucky woman to have someone who intervened.. oh and look she is not a big strapping guy either.. just goes to prove anyone can make a difference no matter what the size.. you just have to have the b*lls t do it or a tin of beans..
    What a brave woman to do what she did.. Kudos to her she probably save this other womans life.
    By the way great ad for Heinz or who ever made the beans.. not only are they great tasting but a method of self protection.. lol

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    This is the first picture of the woman left fighting for her life after being stabbed 17 times in a supermarket.

    Lucy Yates, 20, is in a serious but stable condition in hospital after the horrific attack.

    It was released as Samuel Reid-Wentworth, 21, appeared in court today charged with her attempted murder. He was remanded in custody.

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    That is one awesome Grandma!! God Bless her!!

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    wow maybe its the baby hormones in me or maybe like the pp said about not seeing good new stories anymore but i cant stop crying!
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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