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    Well after I listened to that recent news report that a member of TES said that big news would break soon I think maybe they did find Caylee or part of her or something to do with her while they were here. But I can't change my vote now.

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    If LE has Caylee's body, they are doing a super-human job of stifling leaks and preventing the public from knowing.

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    I voted No. I think it would have been leaked by now if they did.

    "As of this writing, there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposable of Caylee Anthony."

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    Voted undecided.

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    I can't decide. I agree that it is unusual and seems likely. I also remember how long it took to get a DNA test back on the hair. But I also think SOMEONE would have leaked this by now because there have been so many leaks...
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    I am praying that they have. This whole thing needs to end and Caylee needs to have justice and to be put to rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minazoe View Post
    also, why would they rope off the area and put it under police guard all night long?
    Is this confirmed?

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    I can't decide! I hope they found something relevant to the case.

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    I think they might have seen something but can't get to it or can't find it again. Remember when they saw Laci on the side scan sonar but couldn't get her? Then when they went back they couldn't find her?

    I think it is a situation similar to that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliKid View Post
    If LE has Caylee's body, they are doing a super-human job of stifling leaks and preventing the public from knowing.
    Now THAT would be a HUGE surprise to everyone!

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    I voted undecided. The factors surrounding cessation of the search despite the huge turnout that day, the funding from LE, local LE cooperation and involvement (which is indeed rare for TES to have such overwhelming support and frankly hugs from the local LE), and Tim's adamant belief that Caylee is dead....I am undecided leaning more toward yes.

    I also think foxorlando could have gotten that statement from TES (that there is a "big development to come that will surprise us all") could be another arrest which could ultimately lead to their return and ultimate finding of Caylee

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    I don't know what to think anymore. I just hope that they are close, very close to an ending.

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    Also FTR - I voted undecided.

    Not sure how notification of next of kin (Casey) works in a case like this - but would presume that would need to be addressed upon a positive identification regardless of what the circumstances are.

    Anyone have any insight on this issue? IIRC, Scott Peterson wasn't offically notified that the remains found washed ashore were Laci and Conner until he was in police custody.


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    voted Undecided.....
    .and would like to see and hear the TES "spokesperson" speaking for herself......."out of the horses mouth" , so to speak....(is there a video of this that I missed?)

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    Just outside of Austin

    roped off search area
    area under police guard overnight
    I think these are rumors. Believeable, but without "official" confirmation (videos, pictures, news media reports of this).

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