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    Andover Lakes

    Casey mentions Andover Lakes when LE interrogated her at Universal. I notice that the Andover Lakes subdivision is relatively near her home. When I googled "Andover Lakes" and took a look at some of the houses for sale in that neighborhood I noticed that the pictures of the interior of the houses look very similar to the party pictures of her wrapped in the flag (anything but clothes party). Also, some of the homes in Andover have the same layout and higher ceilings (and tacky-looking kitchen cabinets--jmo). While I could be wrong about the pictures and Andover Lakes location, Casey does mention Andover Lakes and the area behind it may be worth beating the bushes.

    Just a thought...

    Edit: I see that Andover Lakes is not completely a cookie-cutter neighborhood. One of the interiors I looked at looked similar but others are totally dissimilar. Still worth a look for the mention to LE (in my opinion).

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    I think she may have been talking about this area, http://www.fishingworks.com/lakes/fl...andover-lakes/

    She mentions at the same time "zg's sister and mom live in the miami area"

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    Andover Lakes is a subdivision near University of Central Florida. My son and 3 of his fraternity brothers rented a very nice house there when they were in school. I'm sure it was non-stop party all the time. They even kept a "pet" alligator in the backyard. It was definitely an "Animal House".

    I imagine there are quite a few houses rented to students in Andover Lakes and KC most likely attended parties there.

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    The house could be anywhere IMO. many of the houses built here in florida are cookie cutter versions of one another

    Not the Biblical Devorah, but a nice one just the same

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    Can someone save me the time of finding and loading the 400 page document and tell me what she said about Andover Lakes? Why did she bring it up - as some place she searched for Caylee?

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