Two teenagers testified Tuesday about their encounter with a former private school teacher accused of trying to seduce them.

One of the girls testified Evan Cosden offered them money to spit in his mouth, kick him in the groin, pull out his pubic hair and sit on his face, all for what he said was a TV stunt show.

Judge Graham Cribbs ruled after the preliminary hearing that there was probable cause to believe crimes were committed against the two girls and that Cosden, 44, committed them.

Cribbs’ ruling means sufficient evidence exists for Cosden, a former teacher at Marywood Country Day School in Rancho Mirage, to stand trial on the charges against him.

Cosden is charged with attempting to commit a lewd act on a child under 16 and more than 10 years younger than he is and attempting to persuade or induce a minor under 18 to engage in sexual conduct for the purpose of preparing a videotape. Both are felonies.

He also is charged with three counts of annoying or molesting a child under 18 and one count of vandalism, all of which are misdemeanors.

Cosden is accused of posing as an MTV producer and paying the two girls to perform certain stunts and then arranging a second meeting for them to perform more stunts of a sexual nature.

After the hearing Tuesday, defense attorney Rodney Soda said, "I was encouraged by the testimony today."

Soda said there were inconsistencies between what the alleged victims’ testified to in court and their previous accounts of what happened.

Deputy District Attorney Kirsten Seebart contended the girls testified very well considering their ages. They were 15 and 16 when the alleged crimes occurred in December.

"If there were inconsistencies, they were truly trivial," Seebart said. "They were consistent about the important things."

Although both teens testified, Cribbs closed the courtroom to the public during the testimony of one of the girls at Seebart’s request. She said the girl was extremely nervous about testifying in a courtroom open to the public.

Cribbs kept the courtroom open for the testimony of the other girl, who Seebart said had no objections to that.

The 15-year-old testified she and her friend met Cosden on Dec. 22 when he approached them at a bus stop near Westfield Shoppingtown Palm Desert.

"He said he was Steve," the girl testified. "He said he worked for (MTV show) ‘Jackass’ and if we’d like to do stunts for money."