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    Justice for Nevaeh FB Group

    In Memory of Aja D. Johnson:

    In Memory of Ethan Stacy -

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    Orange County Sheriff's Office Updates

    More calls for service to residence just added today, 9/15/08
    Neighborhood Watch is...
    NOT the Vigilante Police

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    September 16, 2008
    Second Bond

    Casey's Bond document for the 9/16/08 release.
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    Orange County Sheriff Department Media Update
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    Incident Report of Scuffle with Protesters

    9/18 Incident Report from scuffle with protesters on 9/17.

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    This is not a show transcript, but it was requested to be put here. Feel free to move it if needed.

    Here's a transcript of the 911 call made by Casey, let me know if there are any mistakes.

    Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?
    Casey: Yes, there are protesters still outside of our home at 4 (address deleted). We already called about an hour and a half ago, it took over 30 minutes for the officers to get here. The protesters are now banging on our garage door, they've still been throwing things at our windows and our garage, and now the media's here. My father's going outside and there's going to be a fight. So please, can you send people down here, because- there's now a physical altercation. You need to send vehicles immediately.
    Dispatcher: It's getting physical?
    Casey: Yes, it's getting physical right now.
    Dispatcher: Do you see them physically fighting?
    Casey: Yes, I see them physically fighting; we have surveillance.
    Dispatcher: Okay, do you know if there's any weapons?
    Casey: I don't know if there's any weapons. I know that my father is outside, and so is my mother. So please send as many people as you possibly can.
    Dispatcher: And who's this?
    Casey: This (deleted name)
    Dispatcher: One second, okay?
    Casey: They NEED to be arrested, because this can't keep happening. We already had six or seven officers out here for almost 45 minutes and they didn't do anything. And these are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house.
    Dispatcher: Okay, stay on the line with me, okay?
    Casey: I absolutely will. But please, they need to hurry up. They were- they just left not that long ago.
    Dispatcher: The police officers- left?
    Casey: The police officers just left- about one o'clock, yes.
    Dispatcher: Okay. Stay on the line.
    Casey: And a media van just pulled up and that's when all this started happening.
    Dispatcher: Okay, I'm going to connect with my dispatcher. Don't hang up.
    Casey: Okay, thank you.

    Dispatcher: About how many people are out there?
    Casey: There's at least a dozen people and now two media vans. And, there's actually more people walking in from across the street.
    Dispatcher: How many people are actually involved in the altercation?
    Cindy: (unclear) -I already did, I already did!
    Casey: Channel 2 News has everything on cable already.
    Dispatcher: Okay, how many people are involved in the altercation?
    Casey: There's at least a dozen people. My mom's out there now spraying people with the hose- or my father is; they're trying to get them off the property. They're also trespassing on our property, besides, I know-
    Dispatcher: Is it still happening? They're still-
    Casey: They're still standing on the property, yes. They're out there recording it.
    Dispatcher: So what about physical altercation? Is it over?
    Casey: It's already over, yes. That's why my father-
    Dispatcher #2: Okay so it's no longer physical?
    Casey: It's no longer physical but, it was already physical-
    Dispatcher #2: Is this a protester or resident?
    Casey: It's- the protesters.
    Dispatcher #2: No I'm saying, who are you?
    Casey: I'm- the resident.
    Casey: We have everything on tape, thanks to... Channel 2. And also our home surveillance.
    Dispatcher #2: Were there any weapons involved?
    Casey: Not that I could see, no.
    Dispatcher #2: Are both of your parents outside?
    Casey: Both of my parents are outside, yes.
    Dispatcher #2: Are they already separated or are they still in a verbal?
    Casey: It's still verbal and there's still at least a dozen people on our property. (pause) Mom's bringing my Dad inside, so at least my parents aren't outside, but this needs to get taken care of immediately.
    Dispatcher: Are they inside now?
    Casey: Yes, my parents are inside right now.
    Cindy: -someone put their hands on- (faint)
    Dispatcher: What happened?
    Casey: Both of my parents were hit by two of the protesters.
    Cindy: Channel 2 has it on video- (faint)
    George: -has it on video- (faint)
    Casey: As you heard from both of my parents, Channel 2 has it on video.
    Dispatcher: Okay.
    Cindy and George: (faint conversation)
    Casey: Excellent. So can we get people out here immediately-
    Dispatcher: There's somebody on their way, I need you to stay on the line okay?
    Casey: Okay, I'll stay on the line until somebody comes, no problem.
    Dispatcher #2: Alright, we have several units on the way.
    Casey: Okay, thank you.
    Dispatcher #2: Just stay on the phone just 'til we get there in case I have to-
    Casey: I will, okay, thank you. Well one of the vehicles just left. (To Cindy) So white Expedition, you have the tags, he just left.
    Cindy: (unclear, faint)
    Casey: You already have the tag information. Yes, the guy just left, he just got in the car and left. I'm watching the screen.
    Casey: My mom went outside and got the tag information for the vehicle that had been out in front of our house for at least the last three and a half hours.
    Dispatcher: Okay- was that the people that were involved in the physical?
    Casey: Yes, they were the people that were involved in the physical altercation. We have the make and model of the vehicle and also the tag number.
    Dispatcher: Okay, the make and model was?
    Casey: It was a white Ford Expedition...
    Dispatcher: Okay. Was it a Florida tag?
    Casey: Yes, it was a Florida tag.
    Dispatcher: And what was that number?
    Casey: Hold on for just one second...
    Dispatcher #2: Hello?
    Dispatcher: She's still on the line. They're- both parents are inside.
    Dispatcher #2: Oh, they're inside the house now?
    Dispatcher: Mhm. Yes.
    Dispatcher #2: Did the phone die or are we stuck on mute/hold?
    Dispatcher: She's getting the tag information.
    Dispatcher #2: About what?
    Dispatcher: The vehicle that was involved with striking the parents.
    Dispatcher #2: Was it a white Suburban?
    Dispatcher: Uh, Ford Expedition.
    Dispatcher #2: White in color?
    Dispatcher: Yup, Hello? Hellooo? Are you there?
    Dispatcher #3: Hello are they still fightin'?
    Dispatcher: No, she's not answering us.
    Dispatcher #2: She back on the phone?
    Dispatcher: No. Hello?
    Dispatcher #2: Alright, (unclear) over, we can hang up.
    Dispatcher: Ok
    Dispatcher #2: Thank you.

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    July 16/17, 2008
    Casey with Cindy, Lee, and Kristina from jail
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patty G View Post
    Thanks To gigi2009 changing the format for the pdf, we still have viewable documents

    Index of Sorts
    Document #1
    Arrest Affidavit
    Witness List
    Caylee' Birth Certificate
    MySpace Snips
    Casey's Handwritten Statements - Pgs 29 -34
    Lee's Statement - Pg. 35
    Cindy's MySpace - comment July 3rd, Pg. 36
    Cindy's Statement Pgs. 37 - 38
    George's Statement - Pgs. 39 -42
    Jesse G Statement - Pgs. 43 - 45
    Roy H Statement (Sawgrass) Pg. 46
    Kristina M.C Statement - Pg 47
    Sawgrass Guest Card - Pg. 48
    Zenaida G Statement - Pg. 49
    Casey's Driver License - Pg. 50
    Sawgrass Apartment #210 - Pgs. 53 -57
    Harry G - (Sawgrass) Statement - Pgs. 58 - 59
    Amanda M- (Sawgrass) Statement - Pgs. 60 -61
    First 911 Call Transcript (actually 2nd 911 call) Pgs. 62 - 65
    Second 911 Call Transcript (actually 3rd 911 call) Pgs. 66 - 71
    Casey Anthony Transcriped Taped Interview - Pgs. 71 - 153

    Document 2 Pages 1 - 100
    Transcribed Taped Inteview
    Anthony L- Pgs. 1 - 25
    Case Info - Pg. 26
    Incident Report (Kidnapping) Pg. 27
    Incident Report - Dispatch car on July 15, 2008 Pg. 28 - 31
    Incident Report for Caylee Marie Anthony - Pg. 32
    Incident Report and Narrative for Evidence - Pgs. 33 - 34
    Incident Report and Narrative Tattoo Shop - Pgs 37 -38
    Danny C
    Maria K
    Johnathon D
    Sean D

    Incident Report and Narrative Tattoo Shop ( Cast Iron Tattoo) Pgs. 40 -42
    Bobby W
    Lance W
    Matthew C
    Dannielle A

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pg. 45
    Amanda, Nursing home and Tony's place

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 47 - 48
    Tip for Orlando International Airport

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pg. 50
    K-9 "Gerus"

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 52 - 58
    Tony L
    Jeffrey H
    Melissa H
    Amy H
    Ricardo M
    Jeffrey H II
    Simon B (Johnson Wrecker East)
    Gary R(Tow Truck Driver)
    Catherine S - Amscott
    Nicole - works for (Johnson Wrecker East)
    George Anthony picking up car and has gas cans - Pgs. 57 -58

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs 60 - 65
    and repeated same information on Pgs. 66 - 72
    Amanda M
    Dave T
    Leonard T
    Zenaida G
    Rosanna B
    Anthony L
    Amy H
    Ricardo M
    Jesse G
    Christine C
    Thomas F
    Lee Anthony

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pg. 75
    Chuck-e-Cheese Tip

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 77 -78
    Tom's Auto Repair for Tony's Car

    Incident Report and Narrative Pg 80
    Clarification of date and misstatement

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 82 - 84
    Amanada M
    Harry G

    Incident Report and Narrative - Pgs. 85 - 90
    Amanda M and Harry G - Sawgrass
    Brian B - Shovel
    Kiomariie T - Friend
    Search of Anthony Residence after getting shovel
    Curtis L - TIP from Bank of America

    Incident Report and narrative - Pgs. 91 - 92
    Zenaida R
    Zenaida G
    Barbara R
    Brittany S
    Kio T

    Evidence and Property Reports - Pgs. 93 -100

    Document 2 - Pages 101 - 171
    Search Warrant - Pgs 101 - 107

    Court Order and related douments for cell phone records - Pgs 108 -113

    Johnson's Wrecker East - Pgs. 114 - 119
    All documents related to towing car, pick up, tags, etc.

    Universal Screen Prints - Pgs. 120 -127

    Lee Anthony Email - Pg. 128
    Re: Kodak/Color Vision

    Emails verifying Casey's employment
    as well as other names given
    includes emails Casey sent as employee
    and Valencia Community College verification

    Transcribed Taped Interview of
    Brain B (shovel) Pgs. 158 - 171

    Document # 3
    Transcribed Taped Interviews
    Ryan P - Pgs. 1 - 32
    Ricardo M- Pgs. 33 - 49
    Kiomarie T. C - Pgs. 50 -75
    Amy H - Pgs. 76 - 113

    October 4, 2008 - Added newer links to docs.

    Part 1 Page 1 - 150

    Part 2 - Pages 151 - 263

    Part 3 - Pages 263 - 431
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    Document # 1 - Lee A. Interview

    Document #2 - Tony L. Interview

    Document #3 - Is One Complete Package

    For those that can't open PDF files .... THANKS GIGI!!!!! )

    Anthony L. - Pages 1 -34
    Amy H . - Pages 35 - 79
    Brittany S. Pages 80 - 98 (one page of text messages)
    Ricardo M - Pages 99 - 128
    Troy B. - Pages 129 - 146
    Lauren G. - Pages 147 - 158
    Brian B. - Pages 159 - 178
    William W. Pages 179 - 197
    Cash and Check Purchases Page 198
    Lee A. Pages 199 - 266
    Jesse G. - Pages 267 - 311
    Calendar - 312 - 317

    Anthony L. Interview Only - 7/22/08
    Taped interview 7/22/08 (Must be downloaded)

    Amy H. Interview Only 7/23/08

    Brittany S. Interview Only 7/24/08

    Ricardo M. Interview Only 7/25/08

    Troy B. Interview Only 7/25/08

    Lauren G. Interview Only 8/1/08

    Brian B. Interview Only 7/30/08

    William W. Interview Only 7/30/08

    Lee A. Interview Only 7/29/08
    Taped Interview 7/29/08 (Must be downloaded)

    Jesse G. Interview Only 7/23/08
    Taped Interview 7/23/08 (must be downloaded)
    Taped Interview 7/31/08 (must be downloaded)

    Chris S interview -6/30/08

    Anthony R. interview - 8/18/08

    Text messages sent to Amy Huizenga from Casey Anthony: June 12-13 - link no longer works. PM me if you have one.

    Text messages sent to Amy Huizenga from Casey Anthony: June 14 link no longer works. PM me if you have one.

    Text messages sent to Brittany Scheiber from Casey Anthony link no longer works. PM me if you have one.

    Working Links To Text Messages - October 24, 2008

    KC texts to AH

    Text msgs to Brittany:

    Gary R. (Tow Truck Driver) Interview 7/24/08

    Casey's Letter to Sheriff Beary dated 8/14/08

    Cindy Anthony Interview - 8/1/08 - Part 1 - Part 2

    Cindy Anthony Interview - 8/4/08 - added 10/6/08

    Simon B (Tow Yard Manager) Interview 7/24/08

    Instant messages between KC and nyitaliano3 (13 pages)

    Karen A. Interview - July 22, 2008 (Employee at nursing home)

    Mike K. Interview - July 30, 2008 (Managed Casey during time at Kodak.)

    Nicole Lett Interview - 7/24/08 (Employee at Johnson's Tow-Yard)

    Maria K. Interview - July 17, 2008 (Clint's girlfriend)

    Danny C. Interview (Tattoo Shop) - 7/17/08

    Jeff H. Interview - 7/24/08

    Jamie R. Interview (Met Casey at Fusions) 8/19/08

    Matthew C. Interview Only (HS Friend) - 7/17/08

    Sean D. Interview - (HS Friend) 7/17/08

    Jonathan D. Interview (HS Friend) 7/17/08

    George Anthony Tape Interview - 8/4/08

    Shirley P. Interview Only (Cindy's Mother) 7/22/08

    Casey Cell Telephone Reports

    Orange County Sheriff's Office Documents

    Computer Forensics Report of Casey Anthony's computer

    September 26, 2008
    Attorney Baez's Response to Release of Tapes etc.
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    Post Jail Video

    Here is a link to the video call between Casey and Patrick B. This is the only one I have seen that shows both Casey and the caller.
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    Cell phone taken while Cindy interviewing with LE
    Cell Phone Forensics - CINDY A's cell phone
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    Anthony trust documents, receipts Released

    George and Cindy Anthony provided all of the trust fund information and posting the documents online for the public to inspect. The documents include the trust agreement and bank statements

    Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony Trust Agreement Dated July 29, 2008

    Paypal Account Overview

    STI - Deposit Maintanance and Tee Shirt Order Dated Sept 27, 2008

    Suntrust Bank Account Statement Dated Aug 31, 2008

    Wachovia Deposit and Sig. Card Dated Sept 25, 2008

    Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony Trust Agreement Dated Sept 25, 2008,3605898.story - Link tested and works
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    Witness List - 10/1/08

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