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    OR - Doug Adamson, 52, Portland, 7 Sept 2006

    AMW is doing a John Doe case from Portland... they found this guy dismembered in the Columbia River Gorge...


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    Does it say what was used to dismember him? That would be important information in order to identify his killer(s). Plus: why cut him up? Why not just dump his body? To hide his identity? To distance the killer from the victim? If this was some "expert" killer, wouldn't he/she know more about the currents? I'd guess who ever killed him and dismembered him is someone who can be associated with him. I think I watch too much Law and Order...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAMcGuinn View Post
    AMW is doing a John Doe case from Portland... they found this guy dismembered in the Columbia River Gorge...

    Just to clear up, if anyone misunderstands, the John Doe is the suspect, not the victim. The victim is Douglas Adamson, according to the link.

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    From October 2008:


    A big man standing 6-foot-3, Adamson was a 52-year-old unemployed truck mechanic when he died. He was twice-divorced and had visiting rights to a 13-year-old daughter; he usually paid child support on time. He received disability payments for an injured knee...

    On Sept. 6, 2006, Adamson spent two hours on the phone calling his two brothers, mother, sister and cousins. He'd been estranged from his brother Steve for years - but on that day Steve picked up the phone and promised to help Doug Adamson find a job at his workplace... The two men cried 'happy tears,' as Doug told his mother when he called her minutes later.

    Adamson had made a habit of alerting his housemates when he'd be away from their rental home in the 9700 block of Southeast Duke Street. His roommate, Patty Packard, would later tell police Doug called her that evening from a Southeast Portland bar, the Queen of Hearts, saying he was going to visit his cousins in Estacada. His cousins, however, told police he never arrived.
    From November 2012:


    A couple reported to police they had found a large, mysterious bag, floating near the east end of Government Island. "When they opened it up on the boat, there was a human torso, legs, arms and head (that) had all been cut off," said Bryan Steed, Portland police cold case homicide detective...

    In 2008, the true-crime show, America's Most Wanted, ran the Adamson case and detectives received a few tips. "Among those tips were a couple that mentioned this bag was a common type bag used by drug traffickers from Canada to the U.S. to bring marijuana in, cause it's the size of the bag. It's a big bag," Steed said. "There were other tips that indicate a biker involvement."

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