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    2 'Denver death row' pit bulls come to O.C.

    Sorry, I know some of you are against pit bulls, but I'm a dog lover and loved this story.


    FULLERTON David Edelstein could have driven four miles from his Fullerton home to the county animal shelter last week to pick up one of three pit bulls available for adoption.

    Instead, Edelstein traveled 2,800 miles round trip to rescue two pit bulls from what he calls "death row in Denver."

    The animals were targets of the mile-high city's law that bans pit bulls from that city and its county.

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    I love stories like this. I have a pit bull/boxer/lab mix and she's a doll baby. She acts like a second mother to our daughter. Did you hear about Best Friedns was able to rehabilitate Vick's dogs and turn them into therapy dogs? It was amazing.

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    It doesn't sound like the pits had a very good owner to begin with. Letting them roam the street. Hopefully they'll have a nice, safe home now.

    BTW, looking at the pic they are beautiful dogs.

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    I love this story! I think what this man did is awesome. Fullerton is about 45-60 minutes from the city I live in.
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