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    VA - Mom charged with forcing 12yo son to rake leaves naked

    Police: Mother made son rake leaves naked

    A Fredericksburg woman's choice of discipline got her into trouble this week when neighbors complained about her naked son.

    The mother was charged with felony child neglect after police found her 12-year-old son raking leaves in the buff about 7 p.m. Tuesday, city police spokesman Jim Shelhorse said yesterday.

    Temperatures had dipped into the high 40s, the wind was whipping and a cold rain had started to fall, police said.

    A neighbor in the Mayfield subdivision called 911 to report seeing the boy raking leaves in the front yard without clothes, Shelhorse said. When an officer arrived, the boy was still there with the rake in his hands.

    The child told officers his mother was punishing him for misbehaving in school, Shelhorse said.


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    And here I was feeling bad because I didn't let my daughter read the last chapter in her book, because she hadn't finished her homework, and I made her do that instead.....
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Tell me that boy is not going to grow up with issues against women... Punishment vs humiliation UGH
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