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    Evidence for Morgan and Morgan lawsuit

    Not a discussion thread.

    I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread to list things we find on the web that may help with the lawsuit. A thousand pairs of eyes scouring the web should find plenty to help. Please post screenshots, defamatory statements with links to the source, videos, etc. that may help.


    "...However, Todd Black, a spokesman for Anthony's attorney, says this isn't the same Zenaida Gonzalez and called the lawsuit frivolous..."
    Opinion above.

    wftv link
    Casey's attorney said it's not in her best interest to tell what she knows about where Caylee is. "It does her no good to show her cards to give the prosecution any advantage they have to put her away for life," Baez said.
    How's that workin' for ya'?

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    you might want to check with a moderator before suggesting this.
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